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Hey guys

Just joined and had a look at the vids - some look pretty harsh. Feel a bit weird about devoting this much time to my cock but gonna give it a go. Wish me luck!

Wekcome to TP bro. Follow the newbie routine for a few months and milk as much as you can from it. Be consistent and be careful. Good luck on gaining.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

My Pics

AOM's training log

Travis the noob

Hello everyone travis here. First off I want to say thank you for this forum and to all of you for the great input. One could learn a lot from this forum. Anyway I’ve been doing PE for almost a month and have noticed a difference. I feel heavier and looks like I hang more.
My starting stats are:

FC 3.5”
EC 4.25”
FL 3.5”
EL 4.75
I know you guys do BPEL and ill post mine as soon as I get a measurement. So far my routine is as follows:

Warm up 5 min
Stretch all angles 10 secs 10 reps
Wet jelq 200 reps
Warm down 5 min

I have got to say I love the jelq you can really feel it working. I am trying not to measure right now but I can tell I have gained in circumference.
I will keep you guys posted with gains and new ideas if I come up with anything. Also some input would be great.

Best Newbie Workout

Hey guys,
I’m a newb to PE but I see a lot of routines outlined on here and I’m not sure which ones are the best. Can someone with some experience recommend a good one to me? Preferably just stretching and jelqing, I’ve been doing some kegels for a few months.

Stats are BPEL-6.9 and Girth-5.6, would like to get up around 8.5-9 BPEL with 6-6.5 girth

Hi, 2012 :) .

Welcome to the club.

Keep consistent and be positive and you will see results.

You are at the best place for all the answers, you could spend months reading posts here and still learn new stuff everyday.

Welcome on Thundersplace and good luck, guys.

Newbie asking a question

So I just started doing PE a few days ago and I’ve tried it out a few times. Y question is, is it alright if your penis isn’t that erect? I’ve seen people post on this site that it should be anywhere from 50-80%.. If it’s below 50% is that bad for you?

Also is this a safe/good routine for a beginner?
-5mins Warm wrap
-5mins of stretching (downward/upward manual stretches)
-10mins of 3secs jelqing
-5mins of warm wrap
-40ish, 3-5 secs kegels

(Trying to do 2days on, 1 day off)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hello nox99

the erection level when stretching should be in the 50-80% range; under that level, you are doing basically another kind of stretching.

That routine is good for a beginner; build up time and intensity over the course of weeks.

Welcom and good luck.

Yeah definitely go for the newbie routine for a little the first couple of months and then the first thing you’ll do is jelq at a higher erection level if you want more girth but you have to be ready to do that or you’ll hurt yourself, plus I ended up just getting girth with jelqing which what I wanted too so just pace yourself and be patient :)

Marinera, where do I go to input my stats and update my profile? Do I need to have a certain amount of posts before I can do that?

Never mind, I found it :)

Ok, now I have another question. A lot of people have “signatures”, or a section at the bottom of every post that says something. Some people have their measurements and goals listed there. So my question is, how do I do that?


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