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Originally Posted by marinera
No, you are doing it wisely, hulksmash.

If your girlfriend can manage more size than you have now, go for it. Of course you are not going to gain an 1” overnight ;) .

But be also conscious that you are pretty big already and you don’t need a 9er to be a stud, if it’s clear what I mean. :)

Alright good to know! Thanks!

Originally Posted by kan007
Hi, I’m starting with about 4.1” EG. What is realistic goal I should aim for? Thanks.

Welcome Kan.

I’m guessing your only concern is girth. With a lot of consistent PE and patience Ithink you can get to to 4.5-4.75 after 1.5-2yrs.

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My Pics

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It’s so nice to lose virginity here. I’m cumming all over here.

Hi there!

NBPEL = 16.5cm
EG = 14cm

I wanna NBPEL = 18cm

It’s a reasonable goal, nine_inches.

I'm having trouble finding the information I need.

If anyone could help me with a few things..

I’m looking to increase my flaccid size, and focusing more on girth than length.

What exercises help increase flaccid size?

And which jelq (wet/dry) improves girth more than length, and hopefully also improves length?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys.

New Guy

Hi guys.I’m new and I can’t wait to get started but have no idea were to start

I’m kinda trying to surprise someone and want to get some results fast.if you could please help

Thanks, MATT

Here is a great article that helped me a lot:

How to use the Search button for best results


Basically though, if you are a newbie, just worry about doing one of the newbie routines for 3 months before you get too tied up the other stuff.

It is too tempting to get caught up in the research and never get any PE done!

You can do your research during that period you are doing the newbie routine. Anyway that is my advice.

Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine

I did one kind of like this:

NEW newbie + advanced routine

New Guy

Hey guys I’ve been doing some research and this site looked like a solid place to start.Only time will tell


K. Thanks Maladict :)

Originally Posted by ThatGuy631
Hey guys I’ve been doing some research and this site looked like a solid place to start.Only time will tell

Are you sure I would hate for you to lose all that money you payed to get in:) . Research can be overrated, believe me when I tell you this their are only so many ways to do PE, there are no magic exercises because lets face it how many different ways can you pull jelq or squeeze you dick. It has all been done and it’s all here and it’s free. So I guess your research did pay off it saved you from wasting money on a pay program:) . So “JUST DO IT” and welcome to the forum.

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Hello there! I’m not in a hurry to start “PEing” so, I’ll be around lurking around on the meantime. I actually have one of those stretcher, but the pain! Argh! I’ll save that topic for later!

Originally Posted by Slack
We have 34583 members who have never posted. Not even once! Why? Who knows?

So if you’re a Thundersplace posting virgin, come on in, relax, and lose that virginity!

Even if you just say hi, post in this thread, bring your lurking days to an end, and come over to this side of the fence.

I’m ready when you are :)

Well on seeing your message I the virgin have been compelled to write my message that I have been a member for the last 2 years but had not lost my virginity, now I am breaking my virginity I may write that I have gained 2.5 ” in two years.



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