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Howdy! I’ve been a member for a few months but this is my first post. I’ve been slacking pretty hard in terms of PE, but I find a lot of the information here really interesting and hope it will be helpful to me in the near future.

Welcome guys. Gupta, that’s impressive.

Starting routine

I started yesterday with the stretching exercises. I don’t have any experience doing this. Now I am getting better. I have some purple dots on the head. Is that going to be ok? I am a little easier now on it. And have already noticed a little gain in length and head size. Is that normal to see any results so soon? Thanks

Purple dots will disappear in a day or two. It is normal to get them after jelqing, not stretching; also, they commonly are located on the shaft, if you get them on the head definitely you should ease up.

Gains are seen after some weeks or months, generally; what can be seen relatively soon is a better flaccid state and improved EQ.

Hello people Dragonhead here, hailing from sunny england (yeah right!)

Starting my proper routine tomorrow after a few years of messing about with pe here and there(have seen some pretty good gains from the random dabble)

Will update stats and stuff soon

PS does anyone know how to upload an avatar or is that something earned?

Originally Posted by Dragonhead
Hello people Dragonhead here, …..

PS does anyone know how to upload an avatar or is that something earned?

Its earned. Once you have the time and posts required (30 posts of substantial content and 14 days) then you can upload an avatar. I might suggest that as you progress to that point, read up on the rules for avatars in the guidelines. That way your selection can be approved right away.

Welcome to Thunders.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Is there anyway to speed up the process or get maximum gains? I;m going back to college in 3 weeks and was wondering if there’s anything that might help out? Also is there maybe any pills or supplements that could enhance PE?

Nox, if there was, everybody was using it. :)

Hey I’m new here, I’m 20. I’ve had a little experience with PE, but a lot of interest in it, and I think now I’m going to get serious about it. A year or so ago I started doing a jelq and stretch routine and in a week I felt bigger and had better EQ, but I just didn’t stick to it. I’ve trolled these forums for like a week before I decided to join and get serious about it.

I’m about 6-6.25” (I plan on taking pictures and measurements tonight), and I would like to be at 7”. My girlfriend and I have amazing sex, but I think I would just be more confident with myself at 7”. Anyways, glad to be here, and I plan on starting the newbie routine tonight!

Welcome and good luck, jnicknak.

Marinera, what about ADS? Do you think it’s safe to do if your only a beginner?

Hi all, This is my first day! I’m 21 years Asian boy form Thailand, now I got NBPEL: 6” EG: 4.8”

My goals are NBPEL: 7” EG: 6”.

Hello everyone, glad to be here!

Hey guys I’m new here.This forums look cool and interesting and so far it is

Originally Posted by nox99

Marinera, what about ADS? Do you think it’s safe to do if your only a beginner?

I think they are safe, but I think also the more things you mix, the harder will be to understand what is working and what isn’t. Anyway, ADS require a lot of time (think to hundreds of ours of wearing them) to give the smaller of gain, so you’ll not miss anything if for your first 2-3 months you’ll just stay on a simple manual routine.


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