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Hey hey, I think this is my first post

Whats up world, after months of waiting I finally got in!! Yeah!! Lol.. I am really exited to about the journey I just started.. I really wish I knew about this a couple years ago.. But oh well.

After over a year of lurking I’m jumping in. Started the newbie routine Monday. Wife is on board and a little bit excited about the potential growth. Great site with a lot of good information.

Hello guys.

Been a member for a while. Been working out, PE wise, for about six months (Been quite lazy with it.)

Luckily, I’ve experienced some pretty good gains. I’ll probably start a progress thread or something soon. Just thought I’d say hi in the right place though.

Welcome, Funk Monkey :) . I saw your gains in another thread. Were they all from the Bathmate?

On and off since 2007

Started (October 2007) at: 5.5 BPEL x 4.75 EG

Last Did PE (March 2012) at: 6.00 BPEL x 5 EG

Hey there.

Length gains I’d say were from ADS/Light hanging mostly. (I started on a 1lb weight, just about to double it to two.) That and manual stretching.

Girth gains I think (1/4 inch so far is permanent cemented) came from the bathmate, though I haven’t had a regular routine yet. I say permanent because I haven#t pumped since before Christmas and I’m still over 5 in girth; I was only 4.7 before PE. When I’m pumping semi regularly, I probably hover around 5.2-5.5. Again, this is temp gains caused (solely, I believe) by the Bathmate.

In the new year I’m going to start regularly using the bathmate. I think it’s a great tool which can cause loads of gains potentially.

Start (May 2011) 5.75 BPEL x 4.7 MSEG - (1 Year) 7.2 BPEL x 5 MSEG - (Current (17months)) 7.5BPEL x 5.2MSEG

Goal: Something Monstrous.

Greetings.not much different about me.just looking to see if I can make it a bit bigger. 1/2” would be great, 1 1/2” would be fantastic. I would even be happy just to become a shower instead of a grower. :)

Hello I start my newbie routine today.

Thanks for the reply, Funk Monkey. If I can ever get back to a living arrangement with privacy I think I’ll definitely be looking into an ADS.

On and off since 2007

Started (October 2007) at: 5.5 BPEL x 4.75 EG

Last Did PE (March 2012) at: 6.00 BPEL x 5 EG

Started a long time ago, but I didn’t keep at it. New year, time for a jump start.

Been a lurker for awhile and PEing on and off. Will try to keep a good pace for the new year.

Was told about Thunder’s Place a helluva long time in last year finally. Been doing PE off and on for a while.all in all.just happy to be here!

This thread is a real whore. :) I’ve been experimenting with PE for 4 years, utilizing other resources. I joined here a while back. I’m not a big poster on forums like this, but here’s number two.


FNG here.taking measurements now.


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