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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

Hi just trying to increase my posting limit. Posted a few before okay bye


Hey all, I’m new to all this PE looking forward to trying some newbie routines!

In for the long haul and want to make some good gains :)

Good luck all.

Life is great, enjoy it

Starting/Current Stats (BPEL*MSEG*BPFL) - December 2011: 6.4*5*4.2

Final Target: 9.6*7.6*7.2

Hi there guys! First post from a newbie.

Hope to have a good time here. :)

Hi Folks,

First post, very little experience. Curious and learning.

About a year ago I discovered this site. It was, say, 4AM, and after an overzealous jelqing session, I had experienced the “doughnut effect.” This was completely terrifying to me, and without the information Thunder’s Place had available to non-members, I probably would have lost an entire night’s sleep from total panic! For that, I owe y’all a big thank you.

Despite having learned that I had not permanently ruined my penis, I was scared off of PE completely … Until now. Most of the information I seek is already available in one form or another in this forum thus far, so I may be a man of few words for a while until I get into the swing of things. I’m completely content with my length, but am very set on improving my girth. Once I start getting results, I plan to start logging my progress. So, now I’ve lost my posting virginity. Here’s to everyone here’s success in meeting their goals!

Loosing virginity here, folks!

It´s been a month and a half I started PE, newbie routine, 5on x 1off, patiently..

I’ve read a lot of this forum during this time, and studied many theories..

I’ve realized I haven´t got the nice initial gains some have experienced, but at least I’m not part of the small percentage of men here that couldn´t get gains.. :) )

I felt better results after I read the LOT theory, which I indicate to all, to do the job properly and not wasting time.. The quality versus quantity of time spent on PE is precious.

Anyway, very happy to see results..

See ya!

Hi everyone. Just a young guy who decided to get some more girth, since I’m pretty pencil-like in the girth department at 4.25inches. Hope everyone has some good gains!


Welcome to all the newbies! Hopefully, you’re all on your way to a bigger, healthier and more robust penis. Just remember to take it easy and err on the side of caution. You only get one dick! Good luck all!

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Hi all newbie here!

Enter Newbie

Hello men. I’m logging in and saying hello is all. I’m married, love sex with my wife (have for 15 years) and I’m looking to make it even better. I think a bit longer and a bit thicker should prove helpful in that department. Say hi, I’m looking for good threads to read so if you have one or know one, please send it to me.

So many dicks!

Hello guys!
I`m new in the PE “world” and, as an average guy I expect to be, with your help and lessons, above average.
Sooner or Later!

Wish me luck!

Good luck all!

Again, welcome to all the newbies! Consider entering your beginning stats in the PE Data Site found near the bottom of each page (near the “Donate” button). It’s a great place to keep track of your progress!!

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