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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

Appreciate the feedback clgp7. Reason I mentioned the vasectomy is that there is a lot of talk on increasing sperm count, which obviously will do me no good. I just want to see the splashdown when I let loose.I will try to find through search, thank you again.

Just checking in again to bump my post count and to say welcome to any new people who have joined recently. I honestly don’t think I will ever get to 300 posts.

I’ve just lost my posting virginity. Thanks.

Not actually “post” virgin, but almost.
Lurked here a year ago, sign up, but stopped visiting.

Now, since couple of weeks ago, became really a member! Hehe

Registration finally opened up and this seems like the place to deflower my post count.

I am another one of those guys with a nagging feeling that my girlfriend sometimes thinks to herself “it isn’t what I expected.” She chooses not to mention it at all, which I think is a classier approach than lying to protect my ego. But, you know. Why not try and make it bigger? I understand that it’s all rather futile, and that in 90 years I’ll be buried in the ground, and afterlife or not, nobody will care how big my dick is.

Some guys who watch Fight Club too much will quote Brad Pitt and tell you that “self improvement is masturbation”. Religious zealots will try and convince you that you should be serving a higher power instead of yourself. I say, my body houses my spirit. It’s my temple. I take care of my temple. I strive to meet my potential. We aren’t worshiping idols. The motivations behind cheating nature, for me anyway, are born from love and a desire to serve others. I want to better serve my girlfriend because I love her. Maybe many of you feel the same way. Some of you probably have different reasons. But this is my reason.

Current: 6.75”NBPEL 5”EG
Short Term Goal: 7.5”NBPEL 5.5”EG
Long Term Goal: 8” NBPEL 6”EG

8x6, IMO, is a good meaty handful. Read these forums for a few days; started out on the Linear Routine two days ago. Doing it twice daily. Will switch to Newbie Routine in a month. Will take measurements two months thereafter. Wish me luck!

Just lost my posting virginity

Well, just lost my posting virginity.

I have been reading (Although I admit, not a lot) for a few days, and am planning to read a little more before starting with the newbie routine.*

Welcome to all the new guys!! Proceed carefully and good luck!

:_pump: :donatecar

Hey everyone been waiting for Thundersplace to open it’s doors to more members. It’s great to finally find a place where there is a lot of useful information and a good community to support each other.

I stared to learn and practice PE a good few years ago but didn’t see it through, mainly because I had no one else to share experiences, tricks, tips etc with, I learnt bits and pieces myself from what I read around the web. But now I found this Forum I plan on sticking to a good PE plan and learning as much as I can from the forums.

Wow that’s my Thundersplace virginity taken!! And I liked it haha!

Welcome new guys!

Originally Posted by No_Fate
Some guys who watch Fight Club too much will quote Brad Pitt…

Some Thunder’s members believe that Fight Club and PE share the same first 2 rules.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Just posting to get rid of my posting virginity, I thought this might be a good start.

Losing my virginity! Just join 2 days ago. Glad finally find this forum :)

Hi :

Hello everyone

Had a look at this forum a few months back as a guest and never really did anything about PE, I did for a day or 2, but continued to think everyday my penis was small.

I measured my penis years ago when I was about 19-20, it was about 5.9” BPEL I think, just shy under the length of a standard 440ml carling can.. Which I used to measure when ruler was not to hand :) I guess I went years without measuring it, and beleived my penis was under 6”.

Recently measuing it (I’m now 23), BPEL I am a hairs width under 7” which I am very very happy about, width is on the smaller side of being just under 5.2” I think, so I have to work on that.

Having alot less issues with showering at the gym since making this discovery, although I am most definitely a grower, in that flaccid does not reflect size.

Gains I want to achieve: 7.5” BPEL, and 5.5” EG.

Hopefully I will acheive the length in 6 months, although I read and people find girth harder than length, so I will see how that goes.

Usually after sauna so I’m hot.
5 mins stretching,
5-10 mins jelq
5-15 mins kegals.

Kegals are amazing!! I can’t stress how much better my EQ has got since I’ve started doing this a couple of weeks ago.. Solid as a rock.. And can almost orgasm without touching anything.

Will step up my routing in a month or 2, but at the moment PE has only been going on for 2 weeks.. And already seeing good results for EQ.. Women love love a rock hard penis..

I would like I start my own thread to track progress but apparently I don’t have the permissions.


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