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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

My virgin post, currently following the holy grail of cum and I must say that it really works. Somehow my jelqing schedule has been erratic, hopefully I could make a good one this time.

Been here sometime now.. A mute spectator of this wonderful forum.. I started my PE almost a year back and left it very early.started again now. Will try to post details about my routine in another post.. Would like to hear comments from seniors here.. Thanks a lot..

No more a virgin here.. ;)

Hey guys! My first post !

I’ve known about PE for a long time but didn’t really believe in it or did any serious research about it until I came across thundersplace.

I immediately started my newbie routine with great discipline and have made some progress, specially with my erection, which used to be really weak.

My goals are to gain some length and much more girth than I currently have, always taking my time and doing things slow.

Very glad to be here.

Been PEing for about a year know and finally got into thunders.

I’m a noob! At heart. :)

5.3" NBPEL.

BPEL 6.5-6.7" Goal: Anything!

Girth: 5" but getting bigger. ;)

Known about Thunder’s for years, done a little PE, only newbie routine. May have gained 0.5 in length, but could have been measuring issues. Haven’t done any for a few months due to dramatic life circumstances. But I like checking up on the forums occasionally and following the discussions, good community here.

Newbie here:)

This is my first post

Elcubano from italy

Now I’m to do PE


Hey what’s up everyone! I used to come on here for the knowledge and now I’m a full on member!

This place has the info and answers we need. It took me awhile to internalize the jelq and find my own rhythm. Now it’s going good. Mostly all positive PI’s now:) I started at 6 3/4 L x 5 1/16

Now I’m 7.5 L x 5.5:) I’ve been wet jelqing now for a maybe 2 months. My gains mostly came in the last month.

When I got back to the fundamentals of warm ups, stretching and the newbie routine. I take my time every stroke. Like 4-8 seconds. Left middle right in that order with the overhand grip. I used to count and still do sometimes. But I like to set the timer for about 30 min and count out my jelq to 4-8 seconds. I also do a little

Base squeeze underhand holding the base stationary and then opposite hand over hand slow jelq to the glans. I think it’s for girth mainly? Any way what’s up people lets all get a big ol Johnson to share with the world!

Hey everyone. First post here. Been lurking for about 3 months and been doing PE for as long as that.

I just found a very interesting scholarly article, and since this is my first post I wanted to get in the habit of making a useful contribution. If someone can have a look at it or even re-post to a more relevant thread (if it hasn’t been looked at already). I’d love to know what some of the more experienced/scientifically inclined members think of it’s implications for PE.

Scanning Electron Microscopic Characterization of Healing And Normal Rat Ligament Microstructure Under Slack and Loaded Conditions

Http:// (it’s a PDF)


Hey guys,

Just got started with PE seriously a couple of months ago and am very glad to find a site like this! I the size of my member has always intrigued me and I have always wished that it was bigger. I am a few mm under 7” which I think is very respectable but it still seems small as I am 6 ft 8” in height.

Obviously reading through this forum I found that all thoughts of doubt have been removed about whether PE works.

Hoping to get some good results :)

Oh and I’m from London

First Post

Hi all :) Like most guys on here I have an inferiority complex about my dick size. This probably started as a young kid accidentally seeing my dad’s and then watching porn in my younger years probably didn’t help. This causes a lot of problems for me even though I know it shouldn’t. I figured what the hell I’ll give this PE stuff a try and maybe if nothing else help my EQ and confidence. Anyway I’m already noticing improvements in EQ and control so I’m stoked! Juan out.

Hi! Been checking out these forums for a few weeks, got lucky enough to grab a registration this morning. I did some PE in the past, but I had incredibly limited info (basically all I knew was squeeze your member and pull, this is called a ‘jelq’ :P). Been reading up lots here, you guys seem really knowledgeable and friendly! I’m going to work towards being in that group myself :) .

And my name isn’t Paul. It’s just the name of a beer I like!


Hi, I am new to PE, but looking forward to it.


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