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Greetings all.

I am 22 years old and endevering to make myself a monster cock.

I first came across PE when I was 15 among my searches for porn. As many of you know there are many links to penis pills on porn sites and through clicking one I eventually ended up here after searching for penis enlargement. I must confess that I did actually join this website underage although I have absolutely no idea what my user name was as I was never a frequent visitor. I am now 22.

Since that time (6-7 years) I did start the newbie routine from MOS (basically the same one as here) on more than one occasion however I never kept it up for more than a few weeks and as such while I do believe that I saw newbie-gains they were not cemented.

After taking a few years out from education I have begun university in September and as such now live in student accommodation rather than with my parents, this has allowed me to take a renewed interest in PE and as such I went from being a lurker to an active poster on MOS and began a routine at the beggining of this month (Stretches, Dry Jelqs, DLD Blasters, Slow Squash Jelqs).

I joined Thunders again because I felt that since I was active in the PE world I should have as varied and detailed an experience as possible as there are no doubt different opinions and exercises on Thunders to those on MOS.

So while I am rather knowledgeable on the subject of PE I am still a semi-newbie.

Hello all.

Life is great, enjoy it

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I have been reading quite a bit and really want to know if there is a glossary and maybe what a fowfer is

There is a glossary.

Penis Enlargement Glossary

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Hey all

I started doing wet jelq before 1.5 months, gets 1 cm in length and before few days starts doing some horses, thanks thundersplace forum and all ppls that making it runs! :)

Thanks nowhereman.

No problem, I actually find it a bit hard to find. Same as it ever was.

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

I think PE is great, but I have reservations about it. I have no idea how to reconcile all the horror stories of PE injuries and accidents resulting in permanent dysfunction! How can I overcome my fears of venous leakage and other horrendous possible injuries from jelqing/hanging/stretching?

If I really wanted to pick up PE, I think I would want to go the hanging route. I haven’t heard of accidents like venous leakage with hanging. Is there a comprehensive resource I can peruse related to PE injuries, what causes them, and how to prevent them?

Originally Posted by bixey5o

I have been reading quite a bit and really want to know if there is a glossary and maybe what a fowfer is

You could also use the :search: function.:)

:_pump: :donatecar

Another newbie here.Lotta info on here.

Hi everyone! Lots of useful info on this website.

Hello to all! Lets make this virginity losing more interesting :) I will ask you one question. How many girls you slept with can squirt? You can write all you know for sure, about squirting.. All best!

Hello World.

First Post Ramble

Hello , I started reading about PE at my join date to Thunders. I waited to start exercising until I was sure what I was getting into and better informed than Joe Shmoe. After starting the newbie routine I found stretching to be difficult for some reason (couldn’t get a good grip , hesitant to pull hard0. I have been doing 100 quick kegels and 50 5 second slow release ones , I have also experimented w/ reverse . I also wet jelq palm down so I could grab as close to the base as possible, it takes about 2 seconds each stroke but I pause at the end and pull down some . I started w/ 300 but am now up to 600 a day w/ no ill side affects( I got some capillary breakage dots on my head the first couple time but, no more). I heard some stuff about L arginine and other supplements so I decided to buy GNC’s Mega Men Performance and Vitality packs and that same day my Wife gaged while going down on me , she asked if it got fatter and that my wood was as firm as steel , She also claimed sex felt different to . I have noticed that my eq is amazing now unlike never before. I am trully sold I will never stop . I am only 5 7/8 BPEL and 4 3/4 circumference, that is before I started but, now who knows. My goal is probably like everyone else in my bracket 8 x 6 , I also purchased a Bib hanger and a Bathmate for girth . I read that the Bathmate can be helpful if you don’t over do it and in conjunction with stretches and jelqing. Onward and upward.

Been here reading various threads in the Newbie section for a while, been on and off for a year and just finally decided to join so I can begin my epic journey of PE, will be starting next month most likely along with a 3 month workout regime. This is gonna be a lifestyle change for sure!

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