Kegel Particulars: Faster, Better, Stronger

Hi everyone,

I just started the newbie routine last week. I’m wanting to add kegels to my regular workout, but I have some questions.

1. If I just do long squeezes, won’t I just be exercising the slow twitch muscles? What about fast twitch? Isn’t it a more comprehensive workout to include both rapid clenches, and long holds? I do want to eventually have powerful, core-wracking orgasms, but I also want to be able to pump like a jackrabbit.

2. In all the kegel exercises I’ve seen, the focus is on the contraction of the muscle. I would think that, similar to my first question, long squeeze exercises would be more comprehensive if the slow release of the pelvic floor muscles was added in addition to their contraction. You’re sorta working both ways.

Thanks for the help!