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Decreased Kegel Feeling

Decreased Kegel Feeling

Short Version: After two months of CONSISTENT kegel workouts, with regular breaks, I no longer feel *stretched* after a kegel workout. Has anyone else had this issue?

Long Version: So while I’m not technically a newbie to PE, I figured that this is a pretty basic question and would be most appropriate here. Here is my issue. I’ve
Always had issues with the strength of my erections, so after browsing around, I decided to give kegel exercises a try. They have worked wonders so far, and I get rock hard erections. Here is the issue though. After about 2 months of doing intense kegel exercises, I’ve started to notice that I no longer have the same feeling down there when I try to stretch it. Before, it honestly felt like I was doing a GREAT stretch, and I really felt like I had worked it. But lately, I’ve started feeling like when I do my kegels, I’m doing more of a pull, or a tug, and not a stretch. It doesn’t feel worked at all after I’m done, and is a little upsetting. I still get rock hard erections, which is good, but I’m just worried that I might have hurt the muscle down there. It can’t be because I over worked it, I’ve done the same kegel workout for the past two months, and haven’t felt anything different until now. I also take breaks in order to heal. Has anyone else experience this?

Thanks in advance for your time and response

I don’ believe kegels have much to do with the effectiveness of a stretch, so maybe your ligaments are fully stretched

I don’t even understand what you mean, since my kegel sessions are at completely different times than when I stretch, but you said you haven’t changed your routine for the 2 months, maybe up the anti and make it a little more difficult.

OK I’m sorry, I seem to have misguided you with my issues. Currently I am NOT stretching my penis in any way, shape, or form. I’m happy with it right now, and would like to work on erection quality before I try to beef up my actual size anymore. In order to do this, I’ve been doing kegel exercises to improve the overall blood flow. Let me try to describe the issue without using the word stretch, since it seems to misguide people. When I first started doing kegels, and for about the first two months, I felt really good about doing the exercise. It truly felt like I had done a work out down there. Yet now, after two months of CONSISTENT kegel workouts, I no longer feel like I’ve truly worked out down there, despite the fact that I haven’t changed anything as to how I do my kegels. I’m just curious as to if this is normal.. That after a certain time you just don’t feel like you’ve done enough down there.. Or is this something that isn’t normal?

Sorry for the initial misguidance, hopefully this post has cleared things up.
Thanks for the response!

Okay, I understand what you are saying now. Think of it like this. Pretend that your “kegel” is a dumbbell, and it weighs 10 lbs. Well, if your PC lifts that dumbbell for a few weeks, you are going to feel the great gains. After awhile, your muscle can’t get any stronger because it has done 10 lbs. for so long. Since you can’t add more weight, you have to do more of them to get the same feeling. However, since your erections are already awesome, just keep the exercises consistant and your penis hard. Your penis can only get so hard, after awhile, it doesn’t matter how many kegels you do.

I think of the PC as an engine. You put in a bigger engine, it goes faster. If it’s too big, it doesn’t matter because you can’t control your car. It can’t get too strong, because then it’s not doing anything.

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