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Is their a faster way to PE success?

Is their a faster way to PE success?

I read through all the measurement posts. Some people have gotten very fast gains, but most of us it seems to take years to get good growth.

So my next thought was, is their a faster way to get gains? For example penis pills, testerone creme’s, power jelker, bib hanger. I’am running out of ideas.

I use a 3 on 1 off schedule and I think I’am PEing my ass off. I would love faster gains. Does anybody have any good ideas on how to make this process faster? I would like a 10 incher say like next month!

So guy’s how do we make this process faster? Or can we…montana

I guess the way to progress fast is to find the method that works for you and apply it consistently. If you’re spending hours jelqing with to low an erection or holding a stretch for several minutes that is not hitting the spot you’re wasting time.

Equipment can help. Lots of people with marginal gains from manual methods gain well with a hanger or a power-jelq.

Penis pills are a waste of money but if you have a problem with consistent erections some form of supplement can be helpful (I’ve used Male Response). Can’t comment on testosterone cream. A lot of people have good results from l’arginine.

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Montana, I don’t know what your starting size is, but I hope you get a 10 inch penis by next month. Pe’ing takes a lot of time and patience. Good luck!

It seems that the fastest gains are the initial gains that everyone gets during the first two to three months of PE. After this break in period in most cases the penis has adapted to the newbie exercises and gains slow down. After this it is time to experiment with different techniques and routines that vary from the type of exercises, time spent applying your routine, order of exercises, time of day, days on and days off and the list goes on. It usually isn’t as difficult as you may be thinking, but PE is a very individualized thing and it can take some time to find a good basic routine that works for you. Once you have a good basic routine use it as your foundation of your PE. It’s also a good idea to vary your routine every couple of weeks or when you start to see gains slow down. What I mean is you will still hang on to the basic routine while adding more intense exercises, taking one or two basic exercises away for a short duration, increasing or decreasing time spent on a particular exercise. The idea I am trying to suggest is that you should change up your routine every few weeks so that your penis will not become so adapted to a particular regiment that you hit a plateau.

Re: Is their a faster way to PE success?

Originally posted by montana
I read through all the measurement posts. Some people have gotten very fast gains, but most of us it seems to take years to get good growth.

That is it exactly - a few have reported very fast gains, and no doubt many of these guys have experienced these gains. As you say though, most of us don’t (myself included) and the reasons can be found in Phat’s russian roulette theory or Bib’s scientific studies, among others.

As to faster gains, that’s up to you. Personally I believe that most take months to seemaybe 1/2 an inch in total, with the majority giving up before so.

How long have you been PEing? What is your routine? I wouldn’t stop using one technique after 2 weeks of no gains though, for example.



My routine is:

First of all started at (nov 1st 2002) 6.75 x 5 NBP
Currently (March 23, 2003) 7.25 X 5.25 NBP

I use a 3 on 1 off schedule
I jelk for 20 minutes power jelker.
I then do squeezes for 10 minutes
then stretches (assorted) 10 minutes
total PE excercises approx 40 minutes a day.

I am lucky in that I have achieved 1/2 in growth in 5 months. But I think that was the initial spirt. Now for the hard work.

I was hoping for that 3 inch growth in 5 months, but I can see that’s not going to happen. So…I’am thinking to myself how am I going to get that 3 inch growth without this taking years to do it? Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks guy’s. montana


Congrats on that first 0.5”, but if you want 3” in a few months it’s time to reassess your goals.

Have you thought of hanging? Read Bib’s thread on LOT angle (loosing the kegel thread) and decide if it might be for you.

Regardless, for big/quick gains you need a lot of hours consistently. I thought I wanted an inch or two quickly, but here I am nearly three years later…. Be patient, and time will pass before you know it.

Sometimes it still freaks me out when I realise I’m talking to guys on the Internet about their penises while hanging 20lbs off mine!!


They might be doing the same, guiri.


Had to giggle, I am stretching mine while I read this thread.

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