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Kegel Hold-on

Kegel Hold-on

Guys this days I was doing some testing: what exercises of kegel are better for rock erections, and I’ve come to the following conclusion, the best exercise it’s a hold-on kegel!! The more time you hold, more you improve your erections, I start with a 30s hold on routine per day, and increase until 5 times of 2 min hold-on kegel, my erection become so hard that even after I have sex, I am still erect and I am 21!

Try out the hold-on kegel exercises too, them report to me what happened to your erections! Thanks

Originally Posted by Phyriel
my erection become so hard that even after I have sex, I am still erect and I am 21!

LOL you say that as if you were older, 21 is young. Your making me scared, Im 21 in a few days. lol
Thanks for your suggestion.

LOL I say that because that type of erection is from a teenager of 15 years!

Guys?? Any opinion in my test?

Yes, I will concur. Long kegels are my recommendations for men (and shorter, hard kegels for women. Each needs a different thing from the muscles during sex.) Check out some of my other posts on lasting long or kegels. The long term kegel is the way to get long term sex and have sex after you cum (and cum again with the same erection, and I mean real spurting orgasms).That’s a big part of my own sex techniques.

Very good Young Grasshopper.

A good kegel routine from personal experience is to kegel for a minute building up to maximum hold until thirty seconds then releasing slowly for the next thirty seconds.

Dubula, but you already try to build up to five min?? Or more?

Do you kegel with full erection or soft penis?


I kegel with a soft penis!! I try to think off a difference between those two, but I didn’t come to any conclusion!! I think it makes no difference at all

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