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Kegel and Reverse Kegels

Kegel and Reverse Kegels

Can somebody please explain the difference. I am only capable of doing one motion, not sure if it is considered a kegel or reverse kegel. It’s hard to explain but if I had a 90% erection and made the movement, it would briefly pop my penis up and then back down. I was under the impression this was a kegel but I heard that doing kegels during sex should make you last longer. For me, it is the complete opposite. When I make the movement during sex, it makes my penis harder and brings me cum faster. I don’t even think I’m capable of doing any other flex. When I am stretching and do the movement, I can feel the tug. This reverse kegel makes absolutely no sense to me so I would greatly appreciate it if some one explained it a little better

I mean I can make a movement that that feels like I’m pushing my penis out and I can feel another contraction when it kind of feels like I’m squeezing my butt cheeks lol but they practically feel like the same thing. Any info is appreciated

Juce, I’ve never been able to make sense of this “reverse Kegel” stuff either, if that’s any consolation.

I’ll try to explain as it makes sense to me, but it is in no way a clinical description.

When you ejaculate you are contracting just the same as when doing a kegel. So it seems reasonable that if you start to kegel near or at the point of climax you will trigger that reaction and initiate ejaculation.
The point of kegeling to prevent climax is to override the automatic response, to prevent the spasms by brute force.
I have done it successfully many times, but also failed at times. Timing is important.

The reverse kegel is the opposite of trying to forcefully override the muscle spasms. Instead of fighting a contraction with a contraction, you fight it by relaxing everything - the reverse of a contraction - and opening everything up.
It feels sort of like you are expanding all the muscle and tissue in the opposite direction it is trying to go - that is, it is trying to squeeze down.
The action is to relax the PC muscle and everything around, and try to force a urination. You also relax the muscles around your groin and pelvic girdle. I even inhale and try to push the air out my penis.
I find that it actually inflates my erection a bit because I am relaxing the muscles that control blood flow and I am forcing more blood into the penis. I also feel a loss of sensation. It is like all sensation is pushed out into the air.

You have to be very careful about how much force you use because it could potentially cause a hernia if you push too hard.

Thanks for the explanation, tinytim.

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