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Is it possible to skip newbie routine

Is it possible to skip newbie routine

Hi everyone, I know that it is strongly encouraged to perform the newbie routine but my current situation prevents such a routine from being consistant in terms of performing everyday. I was wondering if I could go straight to a stretching device such as the autoextender. I just ordered one and I was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips on going to a stretching device while not performing the manual jelqs and stretching exercises. Your info is greatly appreciated and thanks for your time.

That is what I did. I started with a pro-extender and made some pretty decent gains the first few months.

You’d probably have made the same or better gains following the newbie routine.


Why not just skip PE?

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No offence dude but if you can’t get the newbie routine down, how the fuck are you going to do anything in PE?


When you can’t adapt the newbie routine, let alone PE in your daily routine, there are three things to do: Drop something you do daily, multitask or quit PE.

Dude, stick to the newbie routine. I’ve been doing it for 3 weeks or so and I’ve seen really good gains.

Hey guys.just wanting to say thanks for all your info. I understand that the main purpose to the newbie routine is to condition my penis so I’ll probably try a combination of using both the newbie routine and the autoextender and see what happens.

Hard not to try the thing out when you have already bought it. I would simply ease into it and use some common sense. Like don’t wear the thing out in public until you have run around the house and yard all weekend cleaning with the thing on. If it is going to come off or suddenly pinch or be too tight; better to find out at home than at a meeting, at class, or on a job site.

If you look at PE, both manual and gadget assisted, as something you are studying for the next month you should do well. Play around, see what things feel like, and simply have not hurting your unit as a top priority.

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