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newbie routine and hanging Q's

newbie routine and hanging Q's

Hey everyone…I’m new to this whole PE thing (although I have been doing kegels for 5 months). Two newbie questions for all you veterans: 1. I’ve been starting with the following routine for a week or so:

5 min sock wrap
5-7 minutes of stretching
200 3-second dry jelqs
5 min sock wrap

I do this every other day. Anyway, my first question is this: On the above routine I havn’t been feeling much stress on the penis and was wondering if it was smart to do this routine every day rather than every other day. I know how important rest days are from reading other posts, but i’m concerned that i’m not putting enough strain on the penis. My second question has to do with hanging. I made a Bib hanger the other day, and want to start hanging 2.5 pounds with the above routine. Is this a smart thing to do at my beginning level (one week into PE)? Thanks for the info!

Hey wbassett,

Welcome to Thunder’s. Although I am a newbie here as well, I feel like I have read enough for a life time (and yet I still want to read so much more). Not being a vet, I can’t speak from experience, but in all of my reading most would encourage you to stick with the basics until your unit is ready to take on the more challenging exercises. Also, a lot of guys say they don’t “feel” anything while doing strecthing and such at the beginning. To me this is a good thing. You don’t want to feel pain down there, because, well IT HURTS! Just take your time and ease into things. The status quo appears to be a month (give or take), but like has been said many times on this site, PE is individual so you need to determine when for yourself. Your guy will tell you when he is ready. You might want to try 2 on and 1 off, I am going to do 3 on and 1 off (today is day three). That may help things along a bit better without killing yourself. Hope this helps, and I hope I have not stepped out of line by answering your question. Don’t mean to step on you vet’s toes or be out of line.


Oh, and you might want to look in the hanger’s forum as well. That may answer some questions for you.


Thanks for the reply ynarevith73,

I think i’ll stick with my original routine for a month and re-evaluate after that. I didn’t know that alot of people say they don’t feel anything after stretches and jelqs, but this is good to hear since I want to be sure that I’m making progress with my routine, but at the same time not overdoing it. Thanks again for the info.

Yeah, the newbie routine is more a conditioning routine than anything IMO. Some guys gain from it others don’t, those who gain, some gain a little some gain a lot. Again results vary. Just start learning your body’s language and you’ll get your best results.

Maybe A LOT is exaggerating a bit, but I have read several posts where guys have said they really don’t “feel” anything the day after. Now if you are talking about RIGHT after, then I will say you may need to pull with a tad more pressure, but don’t get carried away. I myself like to feel a bit “fatigued”, it just lets me know something is happening down there, and that is why I went to 3 on and 1 off instead of every other or 2 on and 1 off. Hope this helps. Happy Gaining!!!!



As Ynarevith73 recommends, take it easy for a couple weeks to let your unit get accustomed to the stress of PE. Your unit should look and feel a bit -worked- after a session. If not, then I’d ratchet it up a bit.

Otherwise, after a couple weeks, start to amp it up on the jelqs and stretching, still though, not to the point of pain. Good jelqing /stretching should not hurt, though it might feel intense and a bit uncomfortable.

Might want to put off hanging until you’re soundly conditioned. If you really want to hang now, start with that 2.5 you suggest and keep it light and no more than 20 mins per set. Do your hanging sets first, then jelq/stretch, this avoids skin problems with the hanger.

Good post ynarevith73.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

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