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Increase during rest days All day stretching

Increase during rest days All day stretching


I was wondering if anyone else has noticed that you can stretch more after resting for more than a weekend? I’ve been using a generic ADS/stretcher, one with the noose and the strap.
I usually just go 5-6 days about 6 hours a day. Two months ago I couldn’t put in the time and 5-6 days passed without no use of the ADS. When I got back to noosing up, I noticed I could stretch it quite a bit further than before.
So, I had to fiddle with the length of the extender.

Last week, my dick was telling me to try this once again. It felt exhausted.
Just passed 5 days without strapping in, now I’ll have to increase the length of the extender once again.

I’ve searched and found one thread where this is discussed briefly, but would like more input. Is this common?

By the way, I use the noose and jelq blood into the head once attached. That way I have 0 problems with slippage. A tip for you guys struggling with slippage.


Yes, I have noticed this if i take one day off. But if tension is increased to soon then I can get an ulcer. I try to only increase the tension when the springs in my extender are depressed less than 0.5cm when I put the midevil contraption on. They depress a total on 1cm.

Started ~ 2002 14.5 cm BPEL and 13 cm MSEG.

2008: Got serious, Measured ~ 15 cm BPEL and 14 cm in MSEG

1/12/2014: Measured BPEL 17.5 to 18 cm, MSEG 15, BEG 16.5

I remember when I first read that post.

It gave me the incentive to start hanging eventually.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

I’m definitely not too young since I’m about halfway through life, rather I think I didn’t find that thread when I searched.

It seems, at least in my case these rests work for me, although I have only experienced it twice.

I’ll probably try this once every two-three weeks and report back, it might help someone else with a similar dick constitution to grow just a tiny bit faster.

I was meaning young as joining date :) .

Well in that case I’m far too young.
Seems like I used bad terms when searching, as I have now discovered this has been talked about in a couple of threads.
Went through some of them and it seems like some people has had similar experiences.
Most of them seem to ask the same question, without a definitive answer which, be the nature of the game is hard to come by.
Anyhow I’ll get back once I’m sure of what’s working in my case, probably in 3+ months if Alzheimer’s light doesn’t get the better of me.

I’ve had some growth so far, stretching/ADSing without rest periods. I’d say about half an inch as I’m not into measuring length.
It lies heavier and it just feel bigger, but my true measuring device is my wife!

Posting back after another 5 days rest period. It’s surely easier to stretch farther once again. The extra stretch is about 0.5 Cm’s with the same resistance.

If this translates to faster growth remains to be seen, but as of now I’m pretty sure it should.

It makes sense that it should.

I certainly find that taking a day off every few days is helpful. Some of my favorite advice here at Thunder’s is to watch your morning wood carefully; back off when it weakens. My guy also gets a tighter when he wants to rest.

I sometimes stretch most of the day and on good days I can get him pretty exhausted. There’s always a point at which it feels as if the the universe is expanding and every cell wants to fly off in another direction. After that, I know I’ll be needing a rest soon.

I need to try the jelq into the head upon noose placement. Do you softwrap to prevent turtling? Doing that in between stretching sessions and on days off is another of my favorite pieces of advice from here. Interestingly, after a rest I use a 4” ACE for the wrap but as I get tired I sometimes use a 3” — there’s a message there that I listen to! (Of course, I also use the 3” when I go out because it is less obscene.)

Can’t wait until I can claim .5” of growth!

I’m not sure what soft wrapping is, but I’m guessing it’s wrapping when you’re not in the extender? That, I don’t do.

I don’t have problems with turtling anymore, I got it sometimes at first but not anymore.

I do wrap when using the extender, I guess it something like an ACE bandage.

It’s flexible bandage used to give support in healing sports injuries, like a sprained ankle. This has worked the best for me, since the foam pad is just to soft.

I wrap 3 times around, attach the noose, jelq some blood into the head and secure it further with the noose.

It slips sometimes when moving about, but not as bad as when I didn’t get some blood into the head. I’ve tried the “comfort strap” attachment which is more comfortable, but the noose/jelqed head works better for me in total.

What also works best for me. Or at least I think, is stretching with a low to medium stretch. If I turn up the resistance of the stretch my dick seems to resist the stretch instead of easing into it.

Yeah, I wrap to get a little extension when I’m not in the ADS traction device (the ACE bandage I referred to being precisely what you described). I remain a grower and not a shower, but it was the idea of ‘healing in an extended state’ that got me doing it.

I’ve experimented with wrapping before noose placement but usually don’t since the “space age foam” noose cover works pretty well for me (I also switch over to the VLC tugger to change-up how I apply tension). I really don’t use the comfort strap — just doesn’t work as well for me either. So many things to try; PE is a garden of counterfactuals.

But just to be clear about the original thread topic: I get much better stretches after a day or two off, and it’s even better when I apply heat first thing in the morning to get everything loosened up. I **think** that the treatment effect of the heat is correspondingly larger too.

Happy growing!

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