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Rest days aiding in gains

Rest days aiding in gains

I have been doing PE off and on for about five years. This time around I’m pretty serious about sticking to my routine. The thing that I have noticed this time is that taking somewhat extended rest days has done wonders to my overall length and girth. With about two months of hanging and jelqing,I have seen more improvement with my measurements than in the past. I’ll usually do 3 days on and 2 days off. If I’m really sore or end up damaging a capillary, I’ll extend that to 3 days rest. This make sense and like lifting weights the general gains come during rest, but for the penis which is an organ, it seems that the similar principle applies. Has anyone else noticed this or am I imaging things?


It is about the most debated topic, if applied to hanging. But my advice is: don’t give a f**k to debates or theoric bubbles and do what according to your experience works best for you.

Just follow your PI’s and do some research on OLF / ORL theory.

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Same here.

I guess I need more rest days than usually recommended.

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