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How Important is Kegeling Whilst Jelqing

How Important is Kegeling Whilst Jelqing

How important to kegel everytime just before you do a jelq?

Not at all.

Originally Posted by Slack

It’s not majorly important, but jelqing at the START of a jelq (not at the end of a jelq) will force more blood into your penis, thus increasing expansion.

Hi Slack I guess you meant “Kegeling” at the START of a jelq forces more blood into the penis. Right?

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I’m thinking that’s what he meant.

He’s probably distracted. Slack is the restless type.

Always searching.


There are a number of ways kegeling can be useful in a jelquing routine. The basic has do to with expansion. It can also help with an overactive erection, and by the same token it can also be helpful when trying to get a reluctant erection going.

I think kegeling is a pretty essential aspect of PE. You may want to work with it in a variety of ways. I think it’s key.

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