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Kegeling while jelqing

Kegeling while jelqing

Would kegeling while jelqing be a good idea? Wouldn’t kegeling increase blood flow to your penis, which is the idea behind jelqing?

I’ve been kegeling at least 50 times a day. There are times when I am completely unaware that I am kegeling. I was walking my dog and realized that I was kegeling for the past 15 minutes completely oblivious. A similar thing happened to me while I was watching a movie.

While Slack is absolutely right, when you get to the point where you get a really good jelq rhythm going, IMHO, the beginning of one stroke is virtually indistinguishable from the end of another stoke, it’s more of one constant flowing jelq.

Once you get to that point, I think the inclusion of kegels becomes much more intuitive. It’s almost as if your muscles know when to kegel without needing your brain to think about where you’re placing the kegel in relation to your strokes. Then, once you get that down, try throwing some reverse kegels in there, and watch your glans and shaft swell and react in a totally different way than the regular kegels. Alternating the two is pretty impressive, at least in my experience.

Reverse kegels?

Try a search on the subject, fp2, for more in-depth stuff on the RK, but basically it’s the opposite of the kegel. When you’re a newb you’re told to suddenly stop the stream of urine when you’re taking a leak and that’s basically a kegel… think of the opposite, try to force that urine out as hard as you can and that’s basically a reverse kegel.

It feels very strange the first few times you try it around the point of no return before orgasm. I guess it almost feels like you’re trying to push out your ejaculate, which would seem counter-productive, hence your brain might think, “whoa whoa whoa… that’s what we’re trying not to do”. But after a while your body learns that once the RK forces your urethra to “swell” the only thing that’s coming out is whatever was in your urethra to begin with, then no more. After you get used to this, there’s kind of a subtle confidence that comes over you, where you know that you can come damn close to blowing it, but hold it off at will when you have to. At least that’s been my experience… others mileage may vary.

Bringing it back to the jelqing experience, the neat thing about the RK is that when you hold it long enough, it causes your glans and to a lesser degree, your shaft to expand and swell in a way that’s totally different compared to a regular kegel. I can’t put my finger on it well enough to actually articulate, but a hard RK is just different. Try it, see what you think.

I do it, but sometimes my penis gets to erect, but I do recommend. IF you have the same problem you have to wait till your dick calms down.


6.0" BPEL x 5.0"

Updated pics at bottom!

Originally Posted by hohey

I do it, but sometimes my penis gets to erect, but I do recommend. IF you have the same problem you have to wait till your dick calms down.

Or throw in some BTB jelqs to keep the engorgement high, but lower the actual erection.

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