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Is Jelqing Important for Hangers?

Is Jelqing Important for Hangers?

What with all the time it takes to get descent hang time each day, I’ve cut back rather dramatically on my jelqing. In your experience, do you think maintaining a jelqing routine is important for promoting length gains from hanging?

Do you think I can put the jelqing on hold for a while?

I don’t really think it is important at all for the length gains, but I find a good 10-20 minute session really makes your member feel much healthier, and will help maintain any girth gains you may have.

It would help to jelq between hanging sets to restore blood circulation. As Bib said: they go hand in hand.

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I don’t jelq. I think it caused difficulties in glans pressure while trying to hang.

It’s great to do after hanging if you have the time, it’s very healthy. I have been slacking I need to start doing more my self.

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I always try and do at least 10 minutes of jelqing after hanging, preferably 30 minutes. I find that it promotes much stronger erections, and the ability to last longer in bed… plus there is just something about it that feels good.

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