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Jelqing not good for length


Jelqing not good for length

Hey guys!
I’ve been reading on this forum that jelqing isn’t really good if you are look for length. The common belief is to divide and rule which means GO for length first and then hit for girth after attaining length target. I’ve read some posts where it has been suggested to stay off jelqing while going in for length. The Idea put forth is that Jelqs would push out the tissue laterally thereby increasing only girth. Well I’m not much of a buyer for this. My explanation is that Jelqing is good for length too. The penile tissue which hold blood is not laterally configured which means that expanding them would not necessarily increase size of it laterally(horizontally ) . Since the PENILE tissues are circular mostly it would continue to expand n re size itself in the same way(circularly). If jelqing gets it to grow laterally it ALSO would allow it to grow lengthwise. Jelqing, hanging, stretching all go hand in hand. So don’t stop any of these.


I have done up to 25 minutes of Jelqing a day, and jelqed at various erection levels and have only gained at most 0.125” girth in almost 3 months. I have gained over an inch in length with just jelqing and stretching (also ADS in the past 2 weeks). I think it all depends on the person really. All I can say is I have gained a lot of length while Jelqing and not much girth. So I think it really just depends on the person.

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Now (Feb.2011): 8.6" BPEL x 6.0" EG...

Gains: 2.0" EL x 1.625" EG Way more than doubled my erect volume! PE for life. Anything is possible!

It really depends on the erection level, thats what most people on here have experienced.

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The best way to gain length jelqing is to jelq at a downard erection level. This will allow you to stretch the ligaments while jelqing — thus, helping you acquire length.

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I’ve been wondering about this too, because I don’t want girth, I’ve got enough for now. I want length gains only.

I was going to post about it but I see I’ve been beaten to it! Great!

Hi thanks all for the replies.. SLACK I’m wondering what your PE routine is.


I wonder if you have noticed Slack’s routine in one of the links in his signature.

I see you are from India. :-)

Hey! Sorry I failed to notice slack’s link. Just missed it I guess. Thanks for letting me know it’s there. I check on it. Yes I’m from India and I’m wondering if that makes me dumb?:-)

>Yes I’m from India and I’m wondering if that makes me dumb?:-) <

That probably depends on who has their finger on the button in Pakistan. Luckily right now, it’s a “nice” dictator.

Well lets see if mem can give an explanation to that:-) )


Flaccid jelq gave me 0.4 inches in BPEL so far

__________May 2005____July 2011_________???

BPEL -----------> 6.9 -----------> 7.85 -------> > > 8.5

NBPEL----------> 6.3 -----------> 7.3 ---------> > > 7.9

I am unable to open the link in SLACK signature. Wat do Ive to do in order to open it?

I would say that I got most of my length from low level erection jelqing.

2005 - BPEL 6.0"x MSEG 4.5" (BEG 4.75"/HEG 4.625")

2010 - BPEL 8.0"x MSEG 5.75" (BEG 6.5"/HEG 5.875")

Goal - BPEL 9.0"x MSEG 6.5" (BEG 6.5"/HEG 6.75")

Unless youre 6” EG Id want more girth anyway:)

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