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Jelqing can heal discolouration

Jelqing can heal discolouration

Hi, everyone. This is my first time posting in this web board. I have been reading newbie threads for sometime and find them mostly very useful. I have been on the PE for about 2 and a half week now. The most inconvenient thing for PE is that it requires very much of privacy and it is not very easy for me to find this. Also, I find that it takes a lot of time as well. Anyway I am determined to increase my penis size and intend to continue for at least seeing the noticeable result. It is kind of annoying question, but I really wonder how long it takes to see the noticeable result. For me, I do not see much result so far, apart from the penis looks bigger after jelqing. My routine is stretching and jelqing mainly, I am thinking to buy a stretcher from the commercial site, but it is a lot of money. Has anyone seen any successful result from this commercial site? Anyway, my main objective of posting today is that, I encountered discolouration after jelqing, so I stopped PE the next day. Then today, the spot was still there but a little faded, so I jelqed lightly for 300 with a lot of hot wrap. Then after jelqing, discolouration has totally disappear. So I wonder whether jelqing with lots of hot wrap can help preventing discolour , or even, heal it. My method of hot wrap is by immersing my penis into the warm water. Thanks!!

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Well, over time your penis will become a different shade from jelqing.

Welcome junjung, so far i had little discolouration from doing PE but i really think it depends on what you do.


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In my experience, jelqing is what causes the discoloration, especially on the circumcision scar.


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Using allot of heat does help reduce the discoloring. I have a heat pad that I use and it works great.

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Thanks everyone for replying, this forum is great!

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