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How did you find Thunder's Place ??

thunder,I found this site when I went to menshealth web site. I was looking for an article on penis enlargement and, looking at some posts on their site I read some good things about THUNDERSPLACE!!
really glad I found you guys too. I do not post much but when I feel like I can contribute something you can be sure I will.
just want you to know that I don`t plan on taking info without giving any in return. thanks to everyone for being here.


i searched on google. And i found 3 more PE forums that i wasnt aware of. And im glad i found thoose three, and especially this.

All the crazy stretches im now testing ;)

Wow, took me so long to reply to this thread!

I was personally invited by the great Thunder himself!
Yes, I’m that special :D

I found Thunder’s Place through a link with a power-jelq site. And that started with a word search on for jelqing.



came across the site when looking for articles on jelquing. Did a google search and there was a link to your thunders place pe archives. from there i found this place. I am grateful, very grateful that I did. This site is the most informative and inspirational. Everthing is sincere and advice is given freely so that all may try to reach their goals. Very communist, Karl Marx would be proud (just kidding about that). Everyone also seems to have a good sense of humor.

I found it thr

The Power Jelking Trade Links site. I accidently found the Power Jelking site by typing in “jelk” and Power Jelking sit come up. Then trade links to Thunders and PE.

I like Thunders site a lot better tho.

Well I came accross here through the fourm at I dont even go there any more, does anyone on here post on that fourm?


Hey Thunder…

Found this site through a friend that has been a member about a year now. Great site… and for the most part seems very friendly. Lots of great topics.. So much to read and so little time huh? ;)
Ya did a GREAT job here. Very user friendly and the colors are pretty eye friendly..

OH ok so I got off topic a bit just wanted to say great site after I answered.. heehee. :D

heard about this place from a friend

Not too long ago I was surfing along just doing some massage research and the Power-Jelq site came up in my results. I had done PE before but had fallen out of it. So I figured I’d read along and see what new innovations were in the PE departement these days.

Wound up finding the Power-Jelq forums and saw a member named Doc, who is also a member here, mentioning Thunder’s Place.

A quick Google later I was here.

Man am I glad I followed through. Re-ignition of a long held dream.

Darklin Sithas


found them with Altavista

I saw a link in a small european forum to the pe forum at

At this forum I read about Tom Hubbards PE instruction site
and from there I found my way to this forum. :)

And I like it very much.

Air ferrari off the penis-health forum provided a link to Thunder’s Place. He’s got his own PE site now.

But, by far this is the most informative and educative and most knowlegeable and…….jeez, not enough adjectives to describe how wonderful, impressive, awesome, fantastic….gawd, again!

But, you get the picture, eh?

I would like to extend my humblest thanks to Thunder, for providing such a service out of the generosity and kind-heartedness he has. Without you, and the members of this great forum and their contributions and experiences that they freely share, I would be probably be eating ants, slathered in Jiffy’s Chunky Peanut Butter, right now! :D




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