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How did you find Thunder's Place ??

searched with found PE forum (ezboard).
found a link form PE forum to this forum.

When i have read enough info i will give it a go.

A guy on WEBMD mentioned this place and it has to be the best site on the Internet HANDS DOWN!! I am a newbie as anyone can tell and I can’t wait to get things underway.

So where do I sign to change my name to Dirk Diggler??


Hi Thunder:

I was on the Men’s Health site, looking at the Health Forum. Some guy asked about penis pills (man, wouldn’t that be nice) and one of the respondents had done the BIB Hanger thing. So I emailed him and he gave me your site address.

Now, I realize this sure isn’t as fascinating as Guiri’s find, but what the hell, I’m from the South - Glenn

By the way, I like those nifty, fluttering flags



Sure I’ll take a flag. Let’s see, I’m not a veteran, you already have the American flag, a Confererate flag would not be appropriate - I live in Atlanta but am from Florida, so maybe a FL flag? May I ask you a question? I’ve never seen any posts that deal specifically with you (I know you’re from WV), but what size did you start out at, how long have you done PE execerises (if you do) and what size are you now? How did you get into this line of work? You can tell me to mind my own business but I realize I’ve not read “your story” as yet.

You provide an outstanding service to lot of us who have real issues due to size, and mean those of us who have REAL size problems.

I made a donotion to your site today and will do so throughout the year. Thanks very much for what you do.


Hey Glenn

I’ll get you a Florida flag sometime today.

I started PE on 7-24-00 (Horse 440 and I started on the same day) at Big with measurements of 6 5/8” ebp and 5 1/2” girth and am at 7 1/2”epb and a little over 5 3/4” girth. I’m a slacker, I haven’t done a regular routine since last fall and I’ve always been a “on again, off again” type PE’er. Some pumping, mostly exercises, no hanging yet. After a while of doing this forum stuff, you get kind of tired of talking about yourself, especially when you have over a thousand posts on three other forums before this one. I am not a PE expert, guru, sage or anything like that. I some times have difficulty understanding the simplest principles and I fuck up quite often too. This is my contribution to the cause. :)

You are right, this does seem like work on some days. It is not most of the time, I enjoy it a lot. I guess I started this forum because I got tired of the bullshit on the Big Penis Forum and thought I could do a better job running a forum that the guys liked, and could benefit from.

PS Check your email.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Hi Thunder - thanks for the flag, looks great. Don’t see how you do all this computer stuff, flags, smiley - frowney faces and stuff. Glenn

memory is nearly as short as my little friend here

Hi Thunder,

I’m not really sure , I think it was a link on the Jelq web site . I am really glad you are here though

I joined a while back and could not remember my handle so had to join again

I came back here because you were in my favourites list and i was inqisitive as to who you were

Its like have alsymers you meet new friends everyday. lol

I shouldn’t laugh one day I will have to attach elastic from the front gate to my waist just so I can find my way home .

You are doing a great job

I will be back as often as i can and I’m sure you can see I have come back everyday since I joined for the second time or is that third time ummm


How I found you!


I found the forums from the old ezboard. I found the old forums from a link from Tom Hubbard’s old website. I found Tom’s site from a search with All this in about 3 days time. I viewed these forums for about a week before joining as a member. I hope this info helps you track your exposure. Thanks again for an excellent site and I am proud to be a part of these forums!


For me, from the predecessor - PE Forums.

I forget how the ball.. rolling precisely. But for some reason I ended up on this site:

from my daily humour surfing.

Was mentionned on, so I checked it out for curiosity’s sake. There was a link on LPSG to

In one of the LPSG articles. An article in the PE forums had a link to

/ (yay!)

and I was impressed with the layout and info. So I stayed =)

i think i found you guys through google


I was researching PE pills that they keep advertising and I wanted to here from people if they worked or not….I didn’t believe PE was possible till I came across the Tom Hubard site.

I was in amazement when I read posting because I always thought it was not possible (Damn medical community!)

Sometimes I still have doubts that it will work for me because I am still striving to find my routine. I have had a 1/4 inch gain but its been 2 months

I’m very glad that this forum is here!

Thanks to everyone,

Every day's a new one!


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