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How did you find Thunder's Place ??

Had been something of an on-again/off-again pumper for a few years; while doing some research on current surgical enlargement techniques found a string on this site related to the subject… and it convinced me that surgery was NOT the way to go.

This site is the beginning of something great, IMHO…

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

-Bertrand Russell

I found Cheeky cherry through gurgle(Swedish version of google).

Some guy over there mentioned thunder´s place so I came here

and will remain here until my 8x6 is a reality.

I stumbbled upon this great site while searching yahoo for free penis enlargement chats. As soon as I saw the site I became a member.

I found this site through a google search. I was searching

for a pump and stumbled in here. This is great! I thought I

was the only guy alive unsatisfied with my size.

Originally posted by Yoshi

I found Thunder's Place with google after reading about PE fora in a textfile I downloaded with kazaa. I was like: what the heck, are there penis enlargement forums?? That's cool!

I have the same story as Yoshi.

Originally posted by slightcurve

I was looking for Taxidermy literature and jai alai gear and somehow ended up here. Then I realized that I too wanted my man chicken to look like a Ugandan spit cobra so I stuck around.

That was a good one, slightcurve. :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle:

I was trying to find a legitimate place for PE knowledge after several days of reading paid advertisements. I finally found ThundersPlace when I searched for “PE forums” on google. It was one of the first few sites, and the best.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy

I found Thunder’s by searching for penis enlargement on google. I am glad I did, I almost joined a pay site before finding this one. I hesitated in joining the pay sites cause some of them used the same testimonial pics and other pics they used looked fake, now I am happy to be here. Everyone here seems to be very helpful and genuine Thanks for creating a great site.



Find out my wife had an affair. I started out with an over average sized penis but it had a hair trigger. Premature ejaculation to the tune of 2 too 5 seconds after insertion!


Make an appt W/ my doctor who puts me on a low dose of ssri’s, it helps but not enough for me. Make another appt with the good doctor who tells me about these special exercises (forgot what the exact name was, something like taoist method).


Do an internet google search for “PE” (short for Premature Ejaculation) and end up at


Finally got a camera and found I couldn’t post my pictures on peforum because I had to shrink the pic (didn’t know how and after a couple of hours said fuck it).. Heard about Thunder’s Place and tried to post my pics there and had no problem (but now do, hint, hint). I’ve sort of hung my hat here ever since…

Thats how it happened guys & gals.


Did a google search. I remember seeing a picture in a magazine over 20 years ago of a guy in India with a noose type cloth hanger attached. It explained that this was a practice some cultures practiced. I even tried it a few times but it was too uncomfortable and didn’t want to hurt myself. I also read about jelqing since then, at the public library, but the book didn’t explain how exactly to do it.

So, in my quest for a longer, thicker penis I started browsing the web until I found this forum. IMO it’s the best pe site and the first form of membership I’ve cared to participate in on the web.

My current routine is: shower, wrap, stretches, 150 jelqs, stretch again

(every other day.) Also, a warm lavender tea soak for a warm down.

Around six months ago I got a deep piercing through the glans, vertically and it’s still healing so I’m gonna make sure my pe sessions aren’t too enthusiastic until I’m healed enough down there to progress and make variations with pressure, stretching, etc.

From what I’ve learned through the little bit of weight training I do, every other day is good for me and doing different cycles every 3 or 4 months will keep the tissues growing. That’s it for my first post. Good luck to you all.. and keep growing!

Sep. 2003: 7" bpel x 5" eg June 2004: 7 & 1/4" bp x 5 & 3/8" eg Jan. 2005: 7.5 x 5.5 Goal: 8x6 "I always knew pe existed but didn't know where to start, until I found Thundersplace."

I found Thunder’s Place through the Penimaster site. I didn’t know until today that Thunder was a person. What is your history?


I bought one of the very cheap pumps about five years ago and used it a few times. I felt that it wasn’t doing anything so I put it aside.

About two years ago I read a news article about the brava system for breast enhancement. I had once dated a woman who was very flat, so I thought I would read about the system and if it seemed worthwhile then I would tell my ex girlfriend about it. If you’ve never seen it then it’s interesting to see. The link is

I was fascinated by the site and I read every page there. Reading that site got me thinking about PE. I figured if it was possible to enlarge breasts then PE might be possible as well. I then went to google and started a search. At first I searched for penis enlargement. That brought up too many pages of paysites. I went to a few sites, but they seemed like rip offs. I did read the free info pages. I picked out a few terms to use to refine my search. I went back to google and searched for jelq vaseline.

That eliminated huge amounts of crap. I found Thunder’s and PE Forums through that search and I visited both regularly. These days I hardly ever go to PE Forums.

And for what it’s worth, I’ve found sites that claim that brava overstates the rate of breast tissue growth. Nonetheless I now know from personal experience that PE works.

Thanks Thunder for everything you do to make this site great.

Did a google search and got to This place was referenced a lot so made my way here.

Bandwidth costs starting to hit?? :p

Saw an Ad on TV for a “Money Back Guarantied” Penis Enlargement pill. So I hopped on the Web to research the Company with the BBB. After doing some more Searches I stumbled on your site.

Glad I did, it probably saved me a lot of time and money.


I started looking at PE a couple of years ago and was totally turned off by the pay sites since I had paid and didnt see the benefit of what my money was getting. I think I found some additional information from an EZBoard forum and then about a year or so ago signed up at I liked there information and the way it was explained but still didnt do much with it except hand jelqing every week or so whether I needed it or not! Then decided a couple of months ago and get serious about this since I was just textbook average (6 X 5) and wanted more. I could fuck really good and long but wanted more to fuck with. Did a yahoo search and found the PowerJelq, bought it, love it and use it regularly over the past 6 weeks with good gains. Also ordered a Penimaster (not here yet) as well as some Androgel as well as cock and ball rings. Can you tell I’m serious now?

Oh yea, back to the original question. I found Thunders Place at the jelq-usa site where the PowerJelq is.

Sorry about being long winded.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I searched for kegels on google. Half way down the list I seen (at the point at which you feel the kegel) Bib’s LOT theory I believe. Best search I ever did.



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