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How did you find Thunder's Place ??

A link at the old EZBoard forum got me here.

I searched for penis enlargement on google.

From the old EZ board forum. Just when the trolls attacked. Thanks for creating Thunder’s Place and changing my life!!!!!


Goodwood :chuckle:

Hi Thunder, nice website! I found it from the old EZPUB board. I think I also saw using Google.

i think at elitefitness someone posted a link to the ezforum where I found a link for this fine place…thanks for being here.

How I arrived at Thunder

I arrived here thru PowerJelq thru Thundersplace has now become my favorite and most used website!


Hard to remember. I do remember I was doing a search for free penis enlargement techniques and ran into this site and have been happy ever since.

Finding thunders Place

Hey ThunderSS

I found this site from the power jelqer web site.

It has been a great deal of help and encouragement to me.

Thanks for the time and effort.


I was bouncing around penis enlargement sites then ran into PE Forums and then here. I visit both. GREAT SITES


well i jioned darrens site then ferrei started a free site and some people on there mentioned you and ferrei gave me the link

I was doing a search threw yahoo for penis extenders then somehow got on to Tom Hubbard’s site and from his site to here.

P.S. This is the best forum on PE out there!!


After getting so many emails on penis enlargment I decided to do a search on to see is anything was really legit.

Somehow after about ten minutes I hit this site.

Now my life will never be the same, neither will my unit.

Sorry I don’t post much, but I prefer to stand back and learn as much as possible before I start asking questions

I was looking for info on phimosis treatment and somehow landed on PEforums. Then I saw this site mentioned on some posts and came here.

I love this forum! I try to come and read as much as I can everyday. Thanks for doing such a great work.



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