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How did you find Thunder's Place ??

I was at X4 and guys there kept referring to PE Gym. So I went there, after a while, out of curiosity. People at PE Gym were referring to MOS and Thunders. I checked out both places. Lurked a long time at both as a guest, couple years. More PE Gym than here.

Some more years pass with me inactive online. After a while I got stuck again and I came here for information about pumping tips, sleeve techniques instead of buying another device. Couldn’t find the information elsewhere, found it in a few minutes here. And it just seemed like a place worth posting at after asking my questions.

Now: 9" BPEL x 6" MSEG as of 12/16/2016 This is my story, a few progress pics of me here, and all my methods.

Then: 6.25" x 4.37" in 8/2009 Are you new to PE? Here's some advice I wish someone had given me when I first started.

My current PE4F pumping project and my balls enhancement project. There is no "Holy Grail" of Penis Enlargement. Only time and effort works. I'm *8* years in and counting. All you have to do is put the work in and keep the faith.

I don’t remember exactly how I found it, but reversed engineering it comes down to something like this.

I was into fitness, supplements and the likes several years ago (I think 4).

There was this video program endorsed by playboy which taught a whole bunch of sex positions, techniques and methods to last longer and such.

Pretty sure that these two things combined (rifling through the shadier supplements) caused me to google for PE techniques. It clicked immediately with my pre-existing knowledge of physiology in general and Wolff’s law specifically.

Four years later, I just remembered the name of the website. “Thunder” is a memorable character from the game “fable” for me, so I guess the name stuck. And here I am!

Feb 2016: 173 mm BPEL (6.81") 132 mm MEG (5.20")

March 11th '17: 190 mm BPEL (7.48") 135 mm MEG (5.32")

Goal: A sustained 7.7" by 5.8" during intercourse

I googled jelqing one day; thundersplace, pegym and mattersofsize are usually on the first page with regards to anything PE-related.

It was linked from tmag back in ‘06.

4/16 BPEL 7.2 MSEG 6.0

1/17 BPEL 7.75 MSEG ~6.2 BEG 6.75

Size anxiety is the mere response to viewing other males as a threat and the corresponding jealousy it causes. Realize that your feelings are a response to a perceived threat and the anxiety will disappear. My log: Big Booty Extravaganza (and Log)

Was not happy with myself, Google lit a path to thunders


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