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How did you find Thunder's Place ??

Great forum, Thunder.

I was sure to subscribe to Big Al site, I tried over and over, day by day but they just kept rejecting my card (i don’t know why but i’m very glad now that they did, thank god!).

Then somewhere around Big Al site and on Big Al newsletter club at yahoo too he wrote that there was a new PE Forum. That’s when i found PE Forums.

I was still going to subscribe to any PE paysite. So i went to the review forum at PE Forums looking what’s best between and big al site (those were the two things in my mind).

Then i bumped into this thread…=&threadid=2555

Wow! It really changed my mind.
I never thought that every piece of information about pe would go for free.

Then i went to faq for newbies forum, that’s where i found your pe glossary and faq created by sizemeister. From there i went to this link and then i go here.

I think pe forums and your forum are 2 best places to go for pe.I register to pe forums before i register to yours by the name getting larger and larger (user name up to 25 characters there) but haven’t post anything yet. I just wish that they would put a brighter color on their skin. That’s why i prefer going here. Silly, maybe.

I also think that everyone who wants to start pe and has no knowledge about it should go to your free pe links first. That’s a good place to start a journey.

By the way i’m just a newbie who is still getting educated and informated about pe, so please reply my question thread anywhere in this forum.

And for Guiri, nice story. You know God works in a mysterious ways.


To getting larger

I agree with you about the color of PE Forums being a deterrant. This is not a silly reason to prefer this site. The lighter colors make Thunders Place more inviting and easier reading. Glad to have you here and I hope we can learn a lot from each other. Look at me sounding like a vet; I’ve only been here a few more weeks than you. Later

"Without a struggle, there can be no progress" Stephen Douglas



As I was researching PE I started to realise that all these “secrets” couldn’t possibly only be available at a price. So I continued looking until I found your excellent site. Thanks for now and in the future.

How Did You Find Thunder's Place?

I found it in a Yahoo forum. This is my first post, and my first visit to Thunder’s Place. I hope to learn as much as possible.

Hi Brad,

Good place for a first post. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot. Thunder posted a good tip recently, if you click on the heading for the rating column all posts are ordered by rating. This might help you get to the good ones quickly.


i also found this forum sort of by accident, im a weight lifter and i was looking for a strength training forum with advice on stretching before lifting, and when i went into this site i noticed it had nothing to do with stretching your muscles but more like stretching your dick, but i had been in PE for about 5 months already and i was so happy when i found this site you guys have no idea. I was glad because i was looking for advice on my routines and THUNDER you answered my prayers, i feel much more secure about myself and PE ever since i came here it’s been like a few days and this site is 24523423 better than the pay site i was in, everytime i went to the members area of the site i payed it was always empty so i had no one to talk to about this subject.



What I never knew, I never will forget!

Hey joshua,

succinct first post :)

Thanks! Memento, I will try and have a meaninful post soon.

What I never knew, I never will forget!

Hi i got here threw the power-jelq website the site looks really great im reading threads and hope to build some things soon i need to find out where the buy certain things such as theraband which is new to me.

theraband site, bibs site also has thera.

tryn4more pointed out that thera should be available at ‘a place locally that does physical therapy, they sell theraband in all different colors at about 1/3 the $$’*

A google search will bring up more options.

Thanks momento very useful info. :)

going for a girthie 8

I found it from a link on the dead forums over @

I found this site from a message in a forum on

I really don’t remember. Just happy that I did. Might have been when I was search for info on penis pills.


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