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Hi, Have a few questions.

Hi, Have a few questions.

HI, I’m pretty new to PE and mainly just read everything I can and have been doing a beginner workout for 2 weeks now.
I have a few questions that I havent found the answers for and hoped you all could help.

1. Is it ok to break up your routine into 2 segments? I am a single dad with 3 little kids so alone time is rare:) I usually do the jelqs in 1 sessions and the stretching in another? Is this ok or do I need to do it all at once?

2. Are the pills I see for sale beneficial at all? Is excercise alone better or do the pills really “enhance” things?

3. I chew Skoal and also drink soda, do these 2 things hinder PE?

4. I have been reading about LOT and deduced mine is around 9 to 9:30, did I read it right in thinking downward stretches are where I start?

Thanks for the great site and info, and to anyone who can help with the questions:)

Oh and my workout is 500 wet jelq, and 20min of stretching. This sound ok to startout with?

Welcome to the forums toobanoon!

!. Yes.
2. No, check the Supplements Forum for cheaper alternatives.
3. I don’t think so. They don’t help either though.
4. Forget LOT for a couple of months, not really important for a newbie to be concerned about.

500 wet jelqs and 20 minutes stretching might be a bit much. If you run into problems, cut back and add reps slowly over the course of weeks.

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Thx alot for the quick response, appreciate it.

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