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Questions (It's Been Awhile)

Questions (It's Been Awhile)

I used to post on here about six months ago, but I became so depressed with my penis size that I had become reclusive. Sound weird, trust me it is. Anyhow, I’m back because I’ve finally regained my self worth, but I still would like to ask some questions and get some help from you guys.

For the record: I am finally going to a urologist within the next couple of weeks to get an official word on these questions, but I’d like to run them by you guys first … you guys are more practical. Also, I am in a committed relationship with a loving girlfriend.

Q: I have a problem with pre-mature ejaculation (sorta). If I do not masturbate before sex, I can’t last more than about 3-5 minutes. When I do masturbate I can last between 10-45 minutes. If I am wearing a condom I CANNOT have an orgasm. My member simply starts losing his erections, and eventually I am down to flaccid. I have tried the most sensitive / thinnest condoms and I still have the same problem. Does anyone have advice on how to last longer or how to deal with the anxiety I always have in bed?

Q2: When I have an erection, it is less stiff at the bass. It sort of feels like a really hard cylinder on a ball because it can rotate with a medium amount of force. Anyone have fixes for this?

Q3: My penis stopped growing after sophomore year in high school, and it has always caused me anxiety. When I thought about how much I masturbated, I came to the conclusion I possibly masturbated three times a day for nearly a year. Could that have caused the growth to stop? Could I possibly have a testosterone level problem? Anyone have experience with this?

Q4: When I have an erection I can pull from the bottom towards my chest and in the middle of the shaft my penis makes a POPPING noise and it becomes a tilted L-shape. Could this have stopped growth in my penis because I have had it every since I began puberty? Any suggestions on what this might be?

Q5: Alright, I need some honesty! My penis is FL 3.45”, EL (NBP) 5.95” / EG 4.5”, and my girlfriend says she is satisfied, but I have to give her clitoral stimulation as well to give her an orgasm. I am worried about my girth most, but I am also worried about length and how well I can please her. I always get compliments on four play, oral sex, and “teasing” her —- she is always very wet —- but I definitely don’t give her a FULL feeling, nor does it feel FILLED for me. Is my GF lying to me or could what I have be ENOUGH (although I would like more). Does anyone have a routine that might help me out?

Overall: There isn’t ANYTHING else in my life that worries me other than my penis length … that’s why it feels so foolish to me. I should be thankful for not having many issues in my life, but this one has continuously made me depressed, and it even affects my friendships and social life.

For whoever reads all of this please, give me some input … I am sure I missed some questions and will ask them within the month, but I need to start getting answers and even some help on ACCEPTING that I have a below average penis, and get this stress out of my life.

Thanks guys in advance, you have always been nice and understanding … Thanks.

—- Drew

1). You want to find the story of regularwhiteguy (RWG). Tons of stuff in his threads about that problem

2).Don’t know. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

3). You didn’t stunt your dick by spanking. Look into T levels if you wish. It could affect sex drive.

4).It could be a lig pop. If it causes you no pain, don’t sweat it. However if it is in the middle, that doesn’t sound normal. Check out Peyronnes (sp).

5). She could be telling the truth. Every woman is different. It is way to subjective to quantify every woman with a specific size requirement.

I would read everything over again. Make a game plan to correct your problem, and maybe hit a doctor up for some script anti-depressants. You can post about whatever ails you here and we’ll offer a sympathetic nonjudgmental ear.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

1a). Look into edging and kegels for help on lasting longer too. Some script drugs also help by delaying ejaculation too.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Thanks TwatTeaser … the RWG posts were somewhat helpful, still haven’t found one that is related to my condom issue. Also, I have a slippage issue where my penis will slip into the resvoir area and be somewhat “suffocated”. Anyone know of REALLY snug condoms for us little fellas.

Also, thanks for the the other advice … I guess I’ll see what the Urologist has to say, but if anyone else has advice please lay it out for me.


personally, i think these are all physchological effects…

my problem, i can barely last a minute. i think i have oversensitive glans, and im gonna go get that checked VERY soon….

btw, is your penis 3.45” long when its hard?

You have a non-bone pressed measurement of 6 inches. This is pretty normal and it sounds like your lady is fine with it. If you really put a plan together and worked consistently you could likely get that erect girth up over 5 inches and any more length would just be icing on the cake.

I don’t think the masturbation did any thing to stunt your growth. If you really think about it, all that squeezing and pulling probably helped!

If you can get your girlfriend on a reliable contraceptive like the pill or Depo shots and bag the condoms, you can get the sensitivity and then work on your control. For me, just slowing down the friction to a deep grind makes me go a little numb after a while. You can use numbing gel to help too. I used to rub that on a former girlfriend years ago because she was so tight and it numbed me up so I could hit it longer.

The whole size issue is making me re-think my personal goals. I am 7.5 BPEL with 5.7 EG(mid). My wife makes comments a lot about the size and that is all fine and dandy. The one thing I do notice is that there are several positions where she just cannot take it all, she angles her body(I notice her move ever so slightly just before we start moving) so as to keep me from going straight in, blowjobs do not happen much and anal is out as her little ass is as tight as a drum. Are these the problems you want to deal with? They are real and not talked about too much. I think a lot of us are so terrified of being “small” we seem to think we need a monster cock to make a woman even blink in bed.

I could see if you were really small but you seem to be right in the middle of the bellcurve. A years worth of intense work could put you on the high side of that curve while not being so large that you cause more pain than pleasure.

Thanks for the advice and encouragement! My stats are actually under-reported by me, sorry.

I am not 3.45” erect, I am 3.45” flaccid. As for erect I am 6-6.1 NBP, and 6.3-6.4 BP. I think danay hit it on the head. I am not incredibly worried about my length. If I could add .3-.4 and make my NBP 6.5 I’d be fine with that. It is the girth I am worried about. I have had the dreaded “are you in yet” said to me on more than one occasion. It’s very disheartening, but I have been able to get up. I’m going to go for 6.5 NBP and 5.25 EG. I know tons of guys on here are going after that 8 x 6, but I really don’t need that much to be honest. I just need to be secure, that’s all. My current girlfriend has realy started talking about “the future” and how she would love for us to get married (I’m only 18, but I am the kind of guy who would get married right out of college). Unfortunately, I was her first so if she even gets a taste of another guy, she’s gone! Anyhow, I have started rambling.

Again, thanks for the advice guys … If anyone else has something to say please let loose!

PS: Can anyone point me to an effective girth routine that might give me that .4 in length? Thanks

Uhhh dude.. Let’s say for instance.. That if somehow magically had a taste of other men.. Say 7.5/6girth guy .without having the cheating show an indicator of her character.. AND then she still left you. Then she’s not worth it to begin with..

I’ve had a problem with a girl being too tight and shit.. I’m 5.1-5.2 girth at most.. Which is why I honestly would justlike another inch to hit that 7 mark..

But really dude.. A lot of your problems are just from your own head screwing with you.. I know cause I’ve let my head do the same thing to me.. Over thinking.. Sex isn’t about a mechanical motion. It’s about passion and desire etc etc.. If you think too much you won’t keep a hard on..

And it sounds like you’re making the effort to getting her off and making her happy.. Well guess what? I’m willng to bet most guys really don’t care that much..

If the girl is going to leave you just cause you’re .5 of an inch below average girth then goddamn.. Find a new gf.

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