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Another new guy with new questions

Another new guy with new questions

Hello, allow me to introduce myself along with my questions. I am 20 yrs old and my current stats are (BPEL 6.5” EG 5.5”) I’ve been reading this forums and various articles before I finally started doing PE last week. I have several questions that I hope some of you more experienced people can shed some light on:

1. The base of my dick is significantly thinner then the rest of my penis. Is there any way to make my dick more even from base to head?

2. When I perform stretches, it seems that when I pull downwards, I can sort of feel a tendon being pulled. Now I’ve read a bit about LOT, could it be related? Should I pull downward for maximum length improvement?

3. A few weeks ago I’ve been going crazy with masturbation since I’m on break from school (3 times a day). And it seems my penis might have decreased in length in about 0.5” from 7” of 2 years ago. Now I have stopped jacking off for about 4 days, so my question is “Does over-masturbation shrink penis?”

4. Being a power lifter, I take protein powder supplements (not steroids), they contain amino acids and all kind of whatever stuff which i don’t understand. Will this be of beneficial or harmful to my PE?

5. Since doing kegel, I’ve been able to stop while I’m pissing, and hold it for a while, like go grab a bite and piss the rest like 5 minutes later. Does that mean my PC muscles have been improved? or is something messed up with my bladder?

So thats the end of my questions, I’ve done my best to use search for older topics as to not waste anyones time. If anyone can help me with any of those questions I’d really appreciate it!

- Bonercat

I will do my best to answer your questions.

1). It seems like people that hang can make the root grow thicker. There might possibly be a way to replicate that with stretching but I am not sure.

2). Lot is a strange cat. You have to figure your LOT out. There is so little I know about the anatomy that I would only screw you up if I tried replying.

3). No not really. I would not kill as many kittens as you are doing, but it really doesn’t matter in the end other than having to clean up after yourself. Never stand near a black light is my advice.

4). Most likely not. Some power lifter/gym nazi would know way more than me any day on this. You should be fine.

5). Sounds like their stronger, but why torture yourself with partial pissing? Your fine, don’t sweat it.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

A couple of comments. When you jerk off take your time. Get a full erection and then let it go soft without cumming. This is called edging. Just tease your dick right on the “edge” of shooting your load.

I take protein supplement also. If you drink a lot of water also you will shoot a gusher of cum every time. This is the only sexual side effect of using protein that I have experienced. When you are jelqing you will notice a lot of Cowper’s fluid or “pre-cum” oozing out of your dick. This doesn’t hurt anything and actually it feels good if you add this natural lube to the vaseline.

The base of my dick started to get skinnier than the rest of my cock when I first started PE. So now during my stretches I do a series to target the base.
I use a small plastic bottle and put it on the base of my cock at a 90 degree angle to the shaft. Grab the glans with the ok grip. Pull your dick up towards your belly button over the bottle. At the same time push down on the bottle.
Dick up , bottle down. You will feel a nice tension on the bottom of the base right above your balls if you are doing this exercise correctly.

4. Being a BB, I can answer this, protein is perfectly healthy for you and amino acids will actually help regulate blood flow and keep a healthy circulatory system. Protein should NOT increase your volume(porn star’s use things like nolva to accomplish that). Even though you aren’t on them, some forms of steroids like Winny and test which are known to make the ligs weaker, will cause a downfall if you play sports, but a bit of an advantage in PE. GL with the power lifting, hopefully the dedication in your sport will carry over into PE. Have you competed in any meets recently?

Nolva might work, but it’s Clomid that will produce the most volume.

Thanks a lot for the responses guys, I will take them into careful consideration.

Monument, that bottle exercise seems to make sense, I’ll try it tonight.

Dugie, I’ve not competed in any meets because my school doesn’t have a team, but I mostly do it for fun. Being a BB, do you think diet/nutrition/rest play a big part in your PE?

I’m not exactly sexually actice so I’ll worry about jizz volume later. Haha

Thanks again folks

Clomid causes acne, but sure.

Diet and rest help out your circulatory system.. And that’s about it. If I had a dollar every time I heard ‘steroids make your dick smaller’.. Well I would have a lot of money lol. The statement is entirely untrue. I used to power lift in HS, highest placement was 2nd in regional, only reason I asked. As far as PE goes, I believe that it does help, but I’m relatively new.

In answer to your questions:

1. Hanging weights will increase base girth

2. Figure out LOT first.

3. NO, but it will give you hairy palms or make you go blind.

4. Beneficial, your penis is part of your body and your body needs nutrients

5. Sounds like your BC muscles are strong, don’t sound strange to me…except of course you’re in a bar and there is a long line to use the bathroom, and as soon as you leave you have to get back in line, sounds like you’d be hanging out in the bathroom lines all night, but if its close to the girls bathroom and there’s a line there too, this may be an excellent way to pick up chicks, just wash your damn hands dude.

If your questions were harder, I’d preach learn to use the search option, but damn, that was quite easy. Thanks for using good grammar, punctuation and all that shit that’s important at Thunders.

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