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Gaining girth before length

Gaining girth before length


I have a routine -

Warm up stretches
Longer stretches 15 secs in each direction x 2-3 depending on looseness
10x50 jelqs sets starting at low level of erection for the first 2 or 3 sets then increasing this level (to work length and girth in the same workout if possible)
Warm down stretching
Longer stretches 15 secs in each direction x 2-3 as before
Proper relaxing warm down

The whole session last about 40-50 mins in total.
I have been doing three on, one off, two on, one off will relative consistency for just over two weeks now.

I HAVE seen girth gains already, but I guess I can put this down to a fuller erection. However my flaccid girth has increased too.
I have not measured this but I have noticed it when holding it and looking at it. I guess it could be the penis’ “swollen-ness” but it sticks on the days off too, which makes me believe I have actually seen a gain already.

Anyway, my question is, is the workout above sufficient to see length gains too or am I going to need more. Or am I simply lucky to see results to early in any dimension and should just be more patient with length?

Thanks for any help, I’m quite anxious about getting my initial routine correct to reach my goals, and I have been increasing intensity gradually to accommodate a more conditioned penis.

26 May is your starting date? This will mean that you need to put a hold on this routine, pick up the newbie routine and can get back to this routine not earlier than 26 August :) . Do this to condition your penis for that routine and to reduce injury.

When you walk in to the gym for the first time, would you bench press 100 kg or take a couple of months to condition yourself to getting there? I would take the latter. PE is the same in this aspect.

I would just walk into a gym with a NBPEL 7.5 and lift whatever I could.

Lol killit.

Bird, Iappreciate what your saying. I did however try a few routines before settling for this one, I don’t really feel I’m overdoing it because everything I tried before didnt really ‘challenge’ me, and in the process of trying out various routines I seem to have conditioned it in some sense. I can handle the above routine without getting as sore as I know I would have if I just started out.
When I say I tried other routines I mean I did spend a month or so just trying to see what I could handle.

The above does also follow the newbie routine to a certain extent but just has a higher level of intensity, as I have adjusted it to be so.

Originally Posted by KillIt

I would just walk into a gym with a NBPEL 7.5 and lift whatever I could.

I’d rather walk into the gym showers with a 5.5 flaccid. I think you might get some odd looks sporting a 7.5 NBPEL in the gym!

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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