type of pump, and girth vs. length

I’ve been jelq’ing for about 3 months and the wife has noticed a increase in length and girth, I’ve all ways tried to please the women in my life, so when she mentioned the length if fine, about 8.25 erect, it hits her cervix and can be painful if we get carried away, but she could do with alittle more girth, (current about 2.0 dia. when erect), about .5 to 1.0 I decided to start my execises, a gain of .5 in length was great with an increase of almost .25 in girth, I was blown away. I have modified my routine and some of the techniqes in the site I have actualy developed before I joined. Note: increase has slowed but it still seems to be working.
The reason I’m writing is because I had reasoned pumping with jelq’ing could increase my gains if done together, again before reading any thing from this site. She was so excited by my gains she bought me a pump, damm what a woman, the pump seems to be well constructed with a ball pump and release valve but no gauge to set levels.

1) Can I add a valve myself or is there a way to use it without overpumping. It has a plastic tube I could add the gauge.

2) Can you add girth without a lot of length (some is cool, it does make me happy to see it drop on out there), the tube is only 2.5 and I totaly fill it in girth when I try it. I haven’t added it to my daily routine because of no gauge.