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Feelings after a month?

Feelings after a month?

Okay so I started PE a month ago, utilizing the recommended Newbie Routine and gradually increasing stretching and jelqing time, but the penis I had a month ago is pretty much identical.

I’m aware that this is not uncommon after a month, but I’m concerned that I may not be stretching intensely enough, so I’m curious as to how any of you guys felt physically after a month of PE.
I get slight aches following a routine, but beyond that nothing. Am I wasting my time with a routine that will get me nowhere? How can I be sure that what I am doing is effective?

I apologize if this post does not belong here.

Nothing to report. . . Yet.

The first couple of months are just about learning how your penis feels while you are doing exercises. The only thing you should be concerned with is getting the feel right. You need to learn how to ‘feel’ into the stretches, how to relax into them, how to feel the tissues creeping etc. rather than just pulling on your dick. You need to feel how the blood moves and how expansion occurs in the tissues as you jelq. Good PE is all about feel; if you really focus on what your penis is feeling, you will know when an exercise is working for you.

Even when you have been doing PE for 10 + years you will still base a lot of your routine on the so called ‘Newbie’ routine - it is a foundation for all PE, and there should never, in my opinion, be a routine of any type that doesn’t include jelqing.

So you are not wasting your time with a routine that won’t get you anywhere (the newbie routine is a great routine) unless you are just going through the motions with it and not learning how to feel what is going on as you do it.

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Replays like this are what make this forum so special.

Thanks for this vision and the way to express it


Well said Firegoat.

I am a newbie myself, but the feeling in my penis whilst stretching & jelqing is good. Feeling the benefits already :-)

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