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Results on Month 4

Results on Month 4

Hello All

I measured again 7 days ago and realized that in my 4th month of PE I gained nothing. I don’t know why. I started 4 months ago 5,9” and now I am 7” measuring with a measuring tape. Honestly I think that instead of gaining this last month I lost about 0,2”. Anyway, maybe this is a result because i was under a lot of pressure and STRESS this last month and hence wasn’t very consistent. I really hope that I will gain something this month just because this will increase my motivation.

Thank you all

Hey willing, maybe you are overworking your unit. I think you are a bit too anxious about gains, also. Stay relaxed, gains will come.

P.S.: maybe it’s not vital opening a new thread for every single question you have; better posting most of your questions in one thread, to avoid dispersive answers.

You gained an inch in 4 months and your bitching? It took me a year to gain my first inch and that’s when I gained fast. Be happy bro your way ahead of the normal gain rate.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

No Shit!

I am not complaining my friends. Just wanted to let you know. This is a place to share experiences and some to gain knowledge out of those experiences.


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