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report after 1 month of PE


report after 1 month of PE

Hi, all!

I just wanted to share my experience and gains (that shit works!!!) after my first month of PE.
I started exactly a month ago on Nov., 1st with something like 5.75”-6” BPEL and 4.56 EG.The reason I am not 100% sure of the length starting measurement is that I measured right away and could swear I had 5.75” but then remeasured after a week and saw solid 6” BPEL.Regardless of if that was a mismeasurement or a gain ,I’ll gladly accept it :) .But I decided to settle on 6” as my official starting BPEL.

I followed the newbie 2 days on - one day off routine religiously without skipping a single work-out.My work-out consisted of 5 min. hot wrap(actually I keep my penis in hot water to warm it up), 16 min. manual stretches in 8 directions holding each for 1 min. and doing 2 sets of each as well, wet jelqing(I use olive oil - works great!) - I worked from 150 3-second jelqs to 300 so far in a month (planning to be at 450 byt he end of the next month); and finally I would warm down in the shower for about 10 min., actually what I do is put my penis under the hot water(as hot as I can handle) running from the faucet, and give it a nice little massage at the same time.

My current stats are 6.35” BPEL (cool!!!) and 4.56” EG (unchanged :( ).I have to admit I am very satisfied with my newbie gains though it’d be nice to see some girth gaing, too.That’s where I am slightly puzzled, ‘cause whenever I look at my dick it definitely looks thicker, but the measurement is the same …hm, weird.I think that could just be the overall bigger dick effect since I experienced a nice length gain.

So so far I achieved the goals for my 1st month, among which I had:

1)See gains in any department:
2)Not get injured;
3)Not get discolored(my penis looks the same which so far I attribute to my jelqing with olive oil and further application of it on my penis after PE, as well as my warm-down water routine at the end of the work-out combined with massaging to get the blood going);
4)Get a better flaccid hang(it definitely looks better with the horrible 1” “turtles” I used to get being almost entirely a history)

Among things I’ve also experienced this past month were: stretch marks(actually there is one very vivid one about 1” from the base of the penis which looks like a lighter band going around, I kinda like it, too), red little dots which I got a couple of times my first week into PE and two ingrown hairs(I followed the pin - tweezers technique to get those suckers out :) ).

I am planning on sticking to the same routine maybe gradually working into a 3 days on - one day off schedule and upping the number of jelqs.I hope to see a 0.25” increase in BPEL , finally get moving in the girth department (any gains are welcome) and of course keep my unit colored the way it is now(very important to me!)

Wish me luck,


Stats(11-01-05):6'' BPEL x 4.56'' EG 12-01-05 :6.35'' BPEL x 4.56" EG 01-01-06 :6.5'' BPEL x 4.63'' EG 5-month goal: 6.75'' BPEL x 5'' EG Final goal: 8.25'' BPEL x 6.25'' EG

That’s some encouraging gains. Keep up the good work.

I like that you had some reasonable first month goals, and that they were obviously safety oriented. Not me, man. I went all out making stuff up and never preparing myself prior to working out. I went through two weeks of serious nerve damage around the glans before I finally decided to play by the newbie rules.

That is a great start and further encouragement to me (also a beginner).

Keep it up Russian!

"Debate the idea..."

Hey Russian,

I know you swim for excercise, so how have you found your flaccid size after being in the pool for an hour or so? Does it still turtle as much as it used to, or is it better?

Originally Posted by Torro
Hey Russian,
I know you swim for excercise, so how have you found your flaccid size after being in the pool for an hour or so? Does it still turtle as much as it used to, or is it better?

Yeah, I swim almost daily and my flaccid is slighly better, before I would almost “lose” my dick :( in the cold water.Now I actually have a better flaccid, it is still prety skinny, though, damn it!!!Girth did not kick in yet, anybody can direct me in the right direction?I thought, jelqing was supposed to take care of some girth gains…

Stats(11-01-05):6'' BPEL x 4.56'' EG 12-01-05 :6.35'' BPEL x 4.56" EG 01-01-06 :6.5'' BPEL x 4.63'' EG 5-month goal: 6.75'' BPEL x 5'' EG Final goal: 8.25'' BPEL x 6.25'' EG

Russian I’m in the same boat. I would love to see the girth gains, but I only see length gains. Not sure I want to jump in to any girth exercises yet though cause last time I did I had stressed myself a little too far. PE gets addicting.

Hey all, I’m new to PE but have been lurking around here at Thunder’s for some time now just reading and learning.

I too started on November 1st - 5.25” erect length by 4.50” erect girth - and have seen some gains, especially in the girth department. My cock just looks thicker and it kind of feels slightly heavy too!

I haven’t measured yet to find out exactly how much I’ve gained and I don’t plan on measuring until a full year has passed. I’m really into PE for the long run, just like my training, so therefore I don’t believe I should be taking weekly measurements as I have read a few threads about disappointing gains.

I just go by how it looks visually, if it looks longer, thicker and veinier within a years time then cool, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing without even thinking about reaching for the ruler. Just like bodybuilding I never weigh myself, I just go by how people visually see me. I mean, it’s not like someones going to pull out a set of scales and ask me to stand on them or say something on the lines of “Man, you look like 5’6” 215lbs at 10% body-fat!”.

I’m just glad that this whole PE thing truly works and that it’s become part of my training routine. If I don’t reach 8” by 6” within three years time, who cares! I’ll always plug away at it until one day I finally get there because I really enjoy the exercises I’m doing.

- Mystery

Thats good, I hope I can gain like that, I have just started for the first two weeks and I see little to no results, but we’ll see in due time

Those are some encouraging numbers you have there. I’d be happy with those gains. Maybe one month from now I will have gained like that.

Could any of the vets comment on why I did not see any gains in girth yet versus pretty good gains in length?I realise it’s been only a month, so I am not claiming I should have seen them, but was just wondering if my routine had anything wrong in it that would give me no gains in girth…

P.S. I do realise people gain differently, too :)

Stats(11-01-05):6'' BPEL x 4.56'' EG 12-01-05 :6.35'' BPEL x 4.56" EG 01-01-06 :6.5'' BPEL x 4.63'' EG 5-month goal: 6.75'' BPEL x 5'' EG Final goal: 8.25'' BPEL x 6.25'' EG

Hi Russian

What could you say about your genetics? Do you feel that your genetics helped to achieve this in very small period? I mean do you have propensity to growth?

Russian: Congratulations on the gains man. I wouldn’t sweat the no girth gains issue *at all*. It could just be a matter of how you measured the first time vs. how you measured this time….or maybe the strength of errection at measure. You also say it “looks fatter”.

Let’s say that you’ve actually had a girth gain of 1/32 of an inch- something that may not have showed up on the measuring tape- if you continue that rate of gain throughout the year then you’ll have gained 12/32nds or 3/8ths of an inch for your first year. That’s a gain that’ll be sure to come up in the mirror and make you feel good.

I’m going to pull my first measure this week- I’ve been at it a month too. However, when I do measure, I’m deffinitely going to use the string method because that, to me, seems like the absolute most foolproof way to catch an EXACT measure. I’ll bet you anything that if you had an accurate, rock hard string measure of this first month, that you’d have some proof of a girth gain of some kind or another- however modest it may actually have been.

Trust your intuition. If it looks fatter than it probably IS!

Rock on man. Maybe you and I could inspire one another to keep on track. We’ve started at the same time with nearly the same stats. I think my first months length gain is going to fall a little short of yours though-I’m feeling it’s probably just a hair over 1/4”.

Anyway, keep on keeping on and I’m sure your dick will start to widen.


I have a question, since you guys have seen these kind of gains in the first month, what were your sex/masturbation patterns?

Start 11/23/05: BPEL- 6.5" EG- 5.7" Goal By 11/23/06 or earlier: BPEL- 7.5" EG- 6.5"

I’ve been masturbating about once a week and shagging about once a week as well. I find that with all the action my dick has been getting that I’m not as concerned with getting sex at this point. Kind of like the focus of my cock for now is to condition and grow. My sex drive is actually higher (more errections and morning wood) but I’m more inclined to use my energy towards PE for the moment. I’d really like to do everything possible to see good early gains so I am putting my energy there as opposed to my usual schedule of fucky-fucky/wanky-wanky (say ejaculating four or five times a week)- trying to keep it down to two a week for now and deffinitely only on off days.

Canitbetrue: as far as my masturbation/sex goes, I pretty much did not care first week and masturbated every time I felt like it, but NEVER after the work-out(not sooner than a couple of hours anyway)…After rethinking it a bit I started masturbating on my days off only…My love is away right now in a different country, so I am not getting any and I am not a cheater(well, I love her too much, you know, I will most likely marry her), so it’s just been occasional masturbating for me.I will stick to that pattern for now(until I am back with my girl at least).

nickm84: I have no clue if genetics have anything to do with my gains.I believe not!But if you were wondering, I am a well built tall guy(6’2”) with a very high metabolism and as my friends joke “0% body fat”.

wantsmore: thanks for your inspirational words my friend, hopefully girth is on the way.I do believe it will come, I have no reason not to, ‘cause I am looking into PE long-term(years).I did pull out a ribbon today and just marked it with a marker for my girth, so next time I will be positive if there were gains or not.And good luck on your newbie gains, hope you’ll see tons of them.

Stats(11-01-05):6'' BPEL x 4.56'' EG 12-01-05 :6.35'' BPEL x 4.56" EG 01-01-06 :6.5'' BPEL x 4.63'' EG 5-month goal: 6.75'' BPEL x 5'' EG Final goal: 8.25'' BPEL x 6.25'' EG

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