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ED and PE post vasectomy

ED and PE post vasectomy

I had a vasectomy 5 yrs ago and about 1 yr ago i started experiencing erection quality issues and recently premature ejaculation. Im wondering if any here have suffered the same post vasectomy and if so how have you addressed this.

Im going to see a urologist tomorrow.

I think it’s a great idea to be seeing a specialist about this. My gut reaction is that if the Ed and premature ejaculation showed up a full four years after the procedure, that they’re not connected. Good luck and keep us posted.

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See the urologist.

I agree witht the gentleman above. Isn’t 5 years from the operation a long time to have complications by it?

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I have reached my goal. At least for now.

I had a vasectomy 4 years ago. I also had some PE and reduced erection problems of late.

But I am also approaching 40, have borderline high blood pressure, high blood sugar (but not diabetic), and stressed more than usual. I’ve gotten better with better diet, exercise, and PE. Neither ED or PE are as much as an issue now, but I’m no at the same level as I was in my early 30’s either.

Point is, take a real good look at the things that are the most common causes of ED and PE: age, blood pressure, blood sugar, fitness, weight, diet, and stress. Eliminate those and then think about damaged plumbing.

Side note-I found my PE was really caused by the ED. It took so much stimulation to get a good erection, that by the th ime I penetrated the wife, I was ready to blow my load.

The one thing I did notice right after the surgery is my cum distance went way down. I could hit my chest easy pre-vasectomy. Pretty much just dribble now😕

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Thanks DT for the link. Interesting read. Thanks avocet. Will definetly consider. I have a bathmate i can use and did use in the beginning for like 2 weeks but stopped as most of the advice I saw recommended to sticking to a newbie routine. I want length gains

Thanks Xpandable for sharing your history with this. I understand there are so many variables and im trying to figure out what might be the cause. I dont have diabetes, HBP, or any of these other things that could be a factor.

So i went to a mens health clinic 3 days ago and they did an ultrasound on my penis to check if there was blood circulation and i was fine. No issues there. He then suggested that I see a urologist to get a full ultrasound and see if there is any nerve and damage at the location of my vasectomy.

As part of the visit they give you a shot on your penis of a treatment they use for ED patients which he stated has a 95% success rate and was guaranteed to give me a boner for 90 mins or more every time i use it even if I ejaculate. I was like what do I have to lose just give me the shot and enjoy the experience. After he gives me the shot like a minute later i was on full boner mode. He then tells me he would have to bring it down now with another shot as this was just to make sure the dose would work or he could give me pills to take if it has gone done after 3 hrs. Well 3 hrs later i was still hard and long story short i took the pills and followed their instructions and nothing happened. It became painful and had to go to the hospital. The hospital had to draw the blood out of my penis as i had experienced priapism. OMG had i known this was going to happen i would have NEVER taken that shot. So now im recovering. My swelling is going down and will wait to see what happens after a week. SMDH.

Anyone out there had priapism and recover well from this. I hope this is not going to make matters worst for me now.

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