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Pe & Ed


Pe & Ed

Hello all,

just wandering here, thinking about all the guys that say that PE is, or at least can be, beneficial for ED. However, has anyone experienced ED since starting PE? This has always been a huge concern for me and partially the reason that prevented me from doing PE since I found out about it about 3 years ago. I noticed that quite a number of people here, use viagra or have ED, and I am wandering whether that’s because of PE. What do you think?

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No ED here. PE has made everything work much better.


Yes, and manual stretching was the culprit. This would be a good poll to start: active PE’ers who use Viagra/have ED. Just something to think about.

Hey, no one on this forum has either “had” or “experienced” me, in the biblical sense.

I do think that PE is beneficial for me, though.


1.25 inches down, 1.75 to go!!!!!! For 8" NBP


Some people do get ed from PE if they aren’t careful. I have on occasion overdid it and the dick was a little tired. But all in all pe helps ED and keeps your penis healthy when done right. I have the best hard on of my life like blue steel.

Also while some guys on this board need Viagra, most like me use it a social drug. When I want to rock a little honeys world non stop for hours I will pop some. But for the day to day gotta get up early in the morning sex most don’t need. I take it maybe twice a month.

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Yeah, for most of us the Viagra is just for fun. It might also help PE efforts.

When I first found out about PE and joined a pay site, after my first week my erections felt harder, but then for the following weeks my erection got weaker and weaker until eventually I stopped. Then I found this place (praise the lord) and tentatively dipped my toe back in the PE water and now my cock is going from strength to strength. I think it’s the erect jelqing that’s really helped.

I had a viagra a few years back while shooting a porno with an impatient photographer; it felt like the pressure you get from a good squeeze with a hard-on. Come to think of it I fucked for hours that day……..maybe I should get hold of one and surprise the wife :)

PE improves an erection greatly, case closed! I use viagra once every couple of months or so to really put a pounding on the wife… I used to take it because I would cum so fast and go limp after, with viagra you can dump your nuts several times and still cut diamonds with your prick….

After a prostate operation a few years back, I had the following problems

1) Erect size shrunk from 6.5” to 5”

2) Major ED problems.

Started JE 5 months back and have now regained and passed original

length Size now 7.5” Thickness increased from 5” to 6.5”.

Also no more ED problems.

When I told my wife the reason for the improvement, she insisted

that I will only be allowed to PE if she can do it for me.

She is now doing this on a daily basis, and I can promise everybody

that I am NOT complaining.

When I told my wife the reason for the improvement, she insisted
that I will only be allowed to PE if she can do it for me.>>

She’ll soon tire of the duty and insist that you continue on your own.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Thanks for sharing your post prostate surgery success story with PE. You also have a good wife there.


Someone here I believe put a post about how and maybe why people shrink in size after a prostate operation. It was fairly recent, cause I remember them talking about it on the news part of the Howard Stern Show. So it was this spring for sure.

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Hey ForMeAndMyWife,

Did you actually participate in a porn movie? Tell us about it, we’re dying to know!

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Originally posted by WillB7
Hey ForMeAndMyWife,

Did you actually participate in a porn movie? Tell us about it, we're dying to know!

I’m curious too!

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