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Bump injuries: Please Help

Bump injuries: Please Help

I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out what is happeing here. Some times after I PE I will notice permanent injury in the form of skin bumps(like a small, mole size mound of extra skin). They are not blitsters, but bumps of skin almost like a wart or scar tissue. The wierd thing is no bleeding or blistering ever happens. Just a new permanet bump of skin the next day. It is starting to worry me because I am getting more and more of them. If someone knows what they are, how to prevent them, and just as important, how to make the current ones go away it would be greatly apreciated.

I can’t help you, but whomever could is probably interested in what routine you follow. Details?

regards, mgus

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This may not be PE related, just something happening at the same time. Have you been checked for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) lately? Had sex with someone new recently?

Where are the bumps located, shaft, base, head, top, bottom? How many do you have now? What color are they, skin color, red, white, purple? Raised, flat, round, irregular? How soon do they appear after PE? What exercsies are you doing? Do the always appear after PE and the same exercise? Have any appeared when you didn’t do PE?

More information is needed.

The bumps are the same color as my skin, and are not std’s. They appear a day after PEing. I am doing jelqs and squeezes and hanging. They will pop up in different places along the shaft. They are raised round bumps, like a little mound of extra skin resembling a small skin colored bump in the shape of a mole. I started with just one now I have about 6 or 7. I will try to post a pic.

Happened to me to, If anyone knows how to get rid of them, please PM me. Mine started as small red bumps from clamping, and became (exactly as stated above) small, firm bumps in the skin. I’m STD free as is my long term girlfriend, and the bumps have started a couple times only after clamping.

I just got one of these as well. Any help?

OOO I know what you are talking about now, I had one of those when I started PE can’t remember what exercise I was doing to get it though. I just said “o well lets pop it, and see what comes out” lol stupid i know. Was blood blood bump i guess? said o well no big deal doesn’t hurt too bad just pe’d as normal dealing with the pain from the bump and about 2 weeks later it was gone and I never had 1 again.

Though I don’t recommend you pop it or keep pe’ing lol

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