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When you get injuries

When you get injuries

Well nothing earth shattering here, but just thought I would pass on something. If you hang or overstretch manually and at the base you feel sore in a way which is not typical stress and feel like something is wrong then I suggest ice. You penis is not really al that different than the rest of your body in this case. After an injury you use ice. I think some guys are using heat and want to suggest you change to ice. I am not talking about warm up, but on off days if you hurt yourself then use ice.

I am really addressing injuries more to the base and ligs from stress than burst capilaries or injuries from jelqing and ulies and other lateral stresses. If my skin is overstretched from ulies and lateral stress (more irritated and tender than injured) I warm it up (just a tiny bit so it will absorb what I want to apply) and apply vitamin K cream or Vitamin E oil and also arnica.

So I have suggestions for cold. Use the frozen peas (the tiny ones are the best). Only 20 minutes at a time, and wait a couple of hours before you do it again). Also what you can do to make it more bearable is get a t-shirt and wrap the upper part of the penis until only one inch or so at the base is exposed. I also do this because there is no need shrinking the upper shaft where I have stretched it out from wraps and stuff. You can also put a robe or material between your legs and the peas (that way it only hits the base and your body). After 10 minutes turn the bag over to keep the coldest part on the base.

What I am saying is that using cold rather than heat will help you recover faster. I know because I have tried many combos of ice/heat etc.

I also have had sucess with using MSM in capsules and putting the powder in the palm of my hand and a dab of arnica and making a paste and applying. Recently I have used DMSO and not had any irritation or problems. I believe it also has helped. Just be sure to clean the area well because it penetrates the skin and might carry the germs into the body. Also wash your hands afterwards. I bought a roll on applicator.


Hey dance...

Thanks for the advice,

I have also recently damaged myself with over zealousness(boo), as you can read in my post “Hard Vein”. I feel for you as I have been keeping up to date with your injury. A year off? wow - I think that would kill me. I only found out about pe about 8 weeks ago but i have already made some good gains and peing is a part of my life now. Its a real bitch not to be able to do anything for another week or so at least (probably a fortnight - ho hum).

Anyway - continued success now that you’re back at it!

See Ya,


Well just for the record I did not stop PE, only hanging. I practiced PE the whole time but in various forms and worked on girth. I am still not really “back into it.” I have only hung 3 times so far and only one set.



How is the girth work going in that case?

I am having a hard time gaining in the girth area myself.

See Ya,


Don’t be sorry it is fine. Sometimes it sounds like I am upset but I am hardly ever. I just want to set the record strait.

It is virtually impossible for me to gain anything. I can get temporarily big but it goes away. I believe if I stopped I would probably be back to the starting point. I have gained practially nothing. The only thing is that I was bad at measuring the upper shaft below the head and I believe this has probably grown and caught up with the mid and lower shaft. I believe the head might have grown as well. But the mid shaft has still not grown. I just can’t over 5” I get there and above after all the uli/wraps, but the next day it goes below 5. It just lingers right under it and always pisses me off more than you can imagine. If I could just get over 5 all the way to the head I would be happy. 5.25 would be a great girth especially if I had a mushroom head.

Before all the advice comes streaming from guys let me say yeah yeah I tried it. Jelqing, squeezes, ulies, horse thing, whatever I tried it all. Everything I ever read about PE I have tried and varied the routines etc. I still believe the uli/wraps are the best, but my penis is really really stubborn. And yeah I tried the mental things as well (hypnosis, visualization etc).

By the way, back to that toilet paper roll thing… I had a girl over the other day and we talked about size and I pulled out the roll and asked her if it was average or above or what. She looked and me like WTF? Of course it is over average. She said she never had anyone that size….”well I think one guy.” This is a girl with some experience too. The roll was 5.5



hi brothers,

Dance, i like your name brother and i like your posts. i ‘ve learned a lot of you.
i know, i can’t give you an advise because you know alot.
what i would like is just remember you.
if you do uli do it very slow and not TOO MUCH. do it just 5 mins a day 6 on for about 1 month and you will see.
everyone can grow if he does not overtrain.

if you have questions i will be gald to answer if i can.
good luck dance and everyone.
and be patient IT WILL GROW.


Thanks hak,

Actually I wish I could change my name. I wanted to a long time ago, but I had invested so many posts by that time it was too late. I think a more appropriate name would have been like the others “Stillwantmore” “Growing” etc.

As for the uli advice well… It is hard for me not to at least chuckle. First you say you don’t want to give me advice because you have learned from me, and then your advice is to only do 5 min a day of uli and then “I will see.” In other words, you are implying that you have the answer and all I have to do is follow your advice because “everyone can grow…” Also if I have any questions you will be glad to answer if you can? Not that I am above learning or know everything, and I don’t want to be an ass here, but it is quite bold of you to say this.

You heart may be in the right place, and you were complementary, so I do appreciate that. However, you are telling me to only do 5 min of uli and in one month I will see a difference? This is unbelievable of you to say. I tried that for month after month after month. Then I tried every possible variation of rest/time/duration etc. Then I advanced and advanced and advanced. At this point my routine consists of a minimum of three hours a day of solid uli. Yes you heard me right. I do about 3 hours of ulies. So I am doing atleast 180 minutes a day and you are doing 5. So as you can see 5 minutes is not even a good warm up for me and would do nothing.

So I guess that is the reason I am not gaining, because of overtraining right? Well as I said I tried your way years ago and got nothing. I have said I don’t have much gain, but rethinking it I have gained quite a bit. The lower shaft up to almost the mid-shaft has not grown much, but that is where the wrap goes for ulies. I was not good at measuring and was not thinking right when I wrote the above post. Actually the upper shaft and head are significantly bigger. In fact, the entire look has changed because it used to be very tapered between the base and the upper shaft and now it is almost the same. The upper shaft has grown somewhere between .25 and .50 in girth (just can’t be certain) and the look is quite different.

So as I say, I am not a smart ass, and appreciate your heart, but your advice is well…. more for beginners.


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c’mon maybe its working for him and he wanted to share it with you. You dont have to be so unappreciative of his advice. Sometimes the advice of these newbies makes plenty sense. I know of this newbie on another forum gained about 1” in length in less than a month. Lets encourage them and not be too advance to hear their advice. I just recently took a newbie advice on this forum who jelked for 10-15 mins and gained 1” in length and guess what, I gained 0.5” in length. We do tend to overtrain and sometimes the best remedie is to stop, and then resume with a 10-15 mins workout.


We have all been newbies at some stage and if there is one thing the vets learn is that if something works for one it is very likely NOT going to work for many others.

When I began jelqing I gained relatively fast…maybe 1/4” in a month or something like that. Guys said it was maybe recovered ground, but I doubted it very much as I’ve always had a ‘fit’ penis.

So I do believe many of the new guys who say they have gains straight off the bat. However, newbies are also so very keen for gains that one may not notice that they are just pushing in that ruler a fraction more. But that is irrelevant as it only hides the true gains gained further down the line.

It only makes sense that if something works for you, you share it to see if it helps others. However, with the time that Dance has been around, I’m sure there aren’t many things left that he hasn’t tried.

I don’t feel he was unappreciative of the advice but kindly reminded him that he had been there, done that.

Again, what works for one will most surely not work for many.


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Yes Guiri exactly.


If you read my post you would see that I was not unappreciative of his efforts to give advice. It is just that the advice was not only too simplistic, but he had a tone that was too condecending especially for a new member. He has the answer and if I take his advice “I will see” and he will be glad to help me if I want to ask? If you can’t understand where I am coming from then I dont’ know what else to say. Am I being oversensitive? Perhaps, but this same thing has happened to me for years and years, and I am pretty sure it is clear to the other vets. I did not ask a question. If you notice I generally only answer questions as well.

Why do you think I wrote a whole paragraph in the previous post saying,

“Before all the advice comes streaming from guys let me say yeah yeah I tried it. Jelqing, squeezes, ulies, horse thing, whatever I tried it all. Everything I ever read about PE I have tried and varied the routines etc. I still believe the uli/wraps are the best, but my penis is really really stubborn. And yeah I tried the mental things as well (hypnosis, visualization etc).”

In other words, I was not asking for advice. There are times when I do ask for advice.

Of course I will listen to guys and want to engage others, but unsolicited advice has came to me for years now and it is always someone that has found the magic formula because “he” gained.


Don’t make too much of this. You offered advice and your heart was in the right place. No worries. I am not upset and everything is cool. Welcome to the board and don’t be shy to contribute. I am just saying that it sounded as if you were talking down to me and possible I read into that. It is just that I have been around for years and read everything on PE that is out there and tried all kinds of stuff. I just have a really stubborn penis. But slow growth does not equal lack of knowledge (something that Phat9, who was also a slow gainer, taught me long ago).



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hi Brothers,

thank you for the reply. i have to tell you that i’m not a newbie with PE. I do it more than one year now.
I did alot of things ((hard)jelq, uli, (maxx)strech, (max)extenders, squeesing and the haning). i made plenty of mastakes and i learned from my them. i learned to listen to my body and i learnd that haning kills the grow in my case.
oooooooooooooh brothers i had nightmares from the haning shit.
haning have almost killed my UNIT. ( i did it for more than 6 months for NO GAINS. and my stamina was bad. and i was painful.

and than i tought i have do more search and to analyse what i did.
conclusion: OVERTRAINING was my mestake. and haning.
solution : i tried to stop haning and do less.
result: fast gains, good stamina, no pain, less time(not more than 20mins for both extenders and jelq), and good sex, and i can controle my erection, and my unit is always hard if i need it.


i am not opset about you. and about advice that you think i gave you. you call it an advice and i call it remembering.

take care brothers.
take it easy it will grow, be patient.


Well you are entitled to your opinion and I am happy you found something that has worked for “you.” But I respectfully disagree. Your advice is the classic mistake in my opinion. It is to do less work more often (6 days in a row). So you are not doing enough work and are not letting it recover either. It is like continuing to pick a scab and never letting it heal. This is the classic mistake even for body building (not enough intensity and returning too often).

It is far more sucessful to do much more stress and intensity and then allow it to recover. For instance, for girth, one or maybe two days at most of heavy heavy work, and then take a day off to recover instead of just a tiny bit of work and then keep doing it day after day. Been there and it did nothing for me.


Guiri I totally agree with everything you pointed out and thanks for the clarification.

Dance, I respect everything you have to say in the line of pe. I know you are appreciative its just that hak sounded like a big fan of yours and I took it like he just wanted to give you some sort of advice to help and I thought that your response was a little too harsh. I always try to encourage newbies and I think you cleared everything up with your response. I think that you have an indepth knowledge in pe and it sure is surprising that you hit this brick wall. Anyway, after taking time off and restarting with no results, then I understand your frustration and I wish you all the best.

OK thanks,

Just for the sake of clarification for everyone’s benefit, I did not take off PE. I only took off hanging and working on length. I still practiced PE extensively this entire time, but I switched the emphasis from length to girth so I did not aggrevate the injury.


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