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I seem to be racking up injuries left and right, well 2 total, but all within the last month…

First one that happened i noticed while jelqing, you could feel a slight bump at the very base of the shaft, if you felt around your pubic area, and then could feel a really thing strand run up and disappear around midshaft or whatever. Took that about 1 and a half weeks to heal from what i remember.

Now i managed to get another injury 2 or so days ago after a full week of PE with 1 days full break, didn’t even notice til the day after i PE’d and went to take a piss and noticed that i had a little bit of a lump right below the head on the right side of my penis. I felt the area and you could feel like a little stringy type feeling, maybe about an inch in length at most, i’m guessing i somehow ripped something, i didn’t really jelq or pull that intensely, but maybe i might have. It seems to be healing and hopefully will disappear within a week. There is no discoloration whatsoever and you cannot really see it, you can just see the foreskin being a little higher than usual, doesn’t really hurt at all either. I’m guessing from the injuries section it’s a thrombosed vein, but I’m also hoping it’s not.

So i’m guessing i’m gonna start to hold the record here for injuries pretty soon unless i get my stuff under control, i’m taking a break til it goes away…

Thoughts can kill...

I also have a thin string-like thing that runs from the base all the way to the right side of the head and then under the head a little. It gets bigger when I am erect…does yours?? I am not sure, but I think I might have had it all along, not sure. Hope you get better.

One foot to go

Mine went away fully after about 10 days soflsun, but the new injury is still here, hopefully that will go away shortly as well… It didn’t really get bigger when I was erect.

Thoughts can kill...

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