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Bump on shaft

Bump on shaft

Hi guys,

I have a question about a weird bump on my shaft.

Here goes:

On right side of my shaft I have a soft bump which comes and goes. I can see it and feel it sometimes and other times I can’t see it nor can I feel it. It sort of feels like a vein but what vein is enlarged at a certain section alone?

Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn’t. I saw a general physician as well as a urologist and they told me not to worry. But they also could not see the bump at that time. What my question is, can this be cancer? I know that a symptom of cancer is a bump on the penis but does it come and go? I’m on the fence and want to get a third opinion, or at least another opinion when the bump is visible.

I believe that it might be due to excessive masturbation (something I am guilt of!) and that I may have aggravated a vein (I’m trying to stop on the masturbation for a while).

Anyway, does anyone have any insight on this?


It has a high chance of being an infected sebacious gland. I know it has been discussed in previous threads so a search should find you plenty of info.

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