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Bending for straightness

Bending for straightness

I did a search on penis curves and all that, and all people have said is to leave it alone. Humbug. For those of us who DON’T want to leave it alone I’m wondering if anything can be done. I read on yahoo answers the only way to fix a penis curve is surgery. But then I think, if masturbating can make it curve in the first place, can’t you do something similar to counter it? Mine curves up, and I think it’s because when I was younger, whenever I would wake up with morning wood I would press it hard against my bed (with it pointed up (felt good)). To fix it I’ve been bending it downward and holding it for 30 seconds at a time (hard). I’m wondering if anybody knows if I’m wasting my time or if over time it should actually give me results.

Hi Gringo,

With a bend in your penis, you may have Peyroines disease. It is not a disease so much as an accumulation of scar tissue. It seems that 50% of Peyroines resolve themselves in a year. However, some people do continue to have a problem, which ultimately can be quite serious.

I do not have Peyroines, but I am spending a lot of time at this site

The reason for my interest is that the treatment options offered there match very well to the efforts of my Chemical PE thread here at thunders. Indeed, there is a possiblity that the treatments that apply to Peyroines may well be the basis for all PE in the future.

Perhaps a look at that site may be helpful.

Best of luck,


I’m not talking about anything that serious, I’m talking about just a curve. My question is, if it’s our fault that our penis curves a certain way (I.e. If you masturbate with your right hand too much it’ll curve right) shouldn’t we be able to make it go straight by using sort of the same method?

Hey man, I too have a curve. Mine points to 11 o’clock but I must have that disorder where one wants to have the same stresses on the right as one does on the left, because this curve is driving me crazy! It may not necessarily be Peyronies disease. I know I don’t have it at least. It’s just that the CC (blood vessel chamber) on the left is weaker than the one on the right, so less blood gets pumped into it.

I have a theory on an exercise that might work, and I am slowly incorporating it into a routine. *Keep in mind that I am no PE veteran so I could be very wrong here!*

After warming up, before and/or after jelqing, I obtain 10% erection. This is so my penis is ‘plump’ but quite bendable without any stress at all. A fat noodle, if you will. I then find where my penis has the curve, and bend it the opposite way (for a left curve like mine, towards the right) with a “monkey bar grip”, one hand on the pubes side of the epicenter of the curve and one hand on the head side. My fingers are pressed against the strong CC (chamber) in an effort to prevent blood from being pumped into that chamber. I then perform light squeezes, gently forcing blood into the desired part of the chamber. I do maybe 10-15 sets of 5 half-second squeezes.

Again, this could end up accomplishing absolutely nothing, or it could be already on the site somewhere! But as for me, it doesn’t hurt and I certainly feel like more blood gets pumped into the underdeveloped one as opposed to the overdeveloped one. So I plan on sticking with it for a while unless someone who knows what’s up says “no don’t!” But regardless of what you try, best of luck. I hate my curve too.

Flat noodle haha. What I’ve been doing is getting to 100% then putting my thumbs at the top (right on top of the end of the chambers so about in the middle of the head) and bending it down between my legs (so that it’s straight) for 30 seconds. I can feel a lot of stress (but no pain) all along the top of my penis as that’s the only thing getting stretched. I haven’t been doing it for long but I can start to see a difference. Although it might just be in my mind.

Check out these two polls: the first covers what masturbation habits affect your curve, and the second covers the percentage of guys here who have a certain shape of curve. I think you will find the results interesting.


does your penis have a curve?

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

I would bet most of those that have a curve to their unit have it due to many nights of nocturnal erections while the unit has nowhere to go but sideways due to either wearing underwear or sleeping on ones stomach. Mine bends slightly to the left and as such my nocturnal erections always point that direction.

BTW.jelqing and clamping has worked for me up until the last 6 months. I gained about 20% in length over a 2 year period and about 3/4” in girth over the period. I’m at 7.25 BPE and 5.5 EG now. These threads are very interesting to me as I have been experimenting with DMSO and 1mHz and 3mHz ultrasonic while clamping for the last month. My theory is the ultrasonic opens up the tissue to help the DMSO penetrate farther into the unit. I’m not sure if it is working yet however I have not had any complications from the protocol. I winch at the thought of poking a needle in my unit every other day with chemicals of dubious origin. I would probably do the needle procedure if I knew I had real medical-grade chemicals to work with.

I do use “Josh’s” pink pills and what I have left of my “Liquid Research” Taladefil IC-351” so I’m not totally reticent to using questionable chemicals. The gut tends to filter things somewhat while injecting directly leaves no buffer in between.

All I can say is I believe the chemical protocol is the future as long as the long-term safety proves out. Congratulations to those that are gaining from the process.

I’ll never go as far as chemicals, or even hanging/clamping for that matter. If I can’t do it with my hands then so be it. This of course means surgery is out of the question.

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