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Erect Bending

Erect Bending

Does anyone still do these?

If done while under the pressure of a Uli device, can these help “correct” a curve of my shaft? I’m talking about a subtle, gentle bending, not anything rough.

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I do. I tried bending during extreme Ulis for about a month. No gains then or any change in my slight curve to the right. Since then I’ve changed my approach toward girth with good results (except for discoloration). Less intensity, longer duration and more frequency seems to work best for me.

Originally posted by hobby

Less intensity, longer duration and more frequency seems to work best for me.

This may be paramount with all forms of PE: finding your own “magic combination.”

Recently I was in a quandry about how to best add more length: The subtleties of JAI stretches, or much more vigorous stretching (especially after reading Bib’s dissertation about the progressive failures of different-strength fibers, ligaments, etc.). I do not disbelieve that JAIs have worked wonders for some guys, but they’ve done nothing for me. My cock is very tough, stubborn; and I have thick, powerful ligaments - all throughout my body. My unit requires severe tractile stresses for elongation to occur. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be the same way.

Furthermore, I wish I had know about Bib’s writings regarding the impediment to length gains that a girthy penis can pose (I sure as hell would not have jelked a full inch EG onto my unit before come closer to my length goals)… :(

I’ve drastically cut down on my jelqs - from about 2,100 weekly to less than 200 weekly. I’m not happy about this, as I enjoyed jelqing; however, I do PE for size gains, not enjoyment. And since my length goal is still about 1.5” away, while my girth goal (if you could call it that) is only about 0.28” away, I will focus primarily on length. I only jelq as a restorative, after my stretch session.

Generally, I have to pre-fatigue my unit with Bundled Stretches, then I move on to Behind-the-Leg stretches….then my routine gets nasty.

Yeah, my Uli sessions consume a lot of time, more time than a complete jelqing routine (with stretching included) used to take me back when I actually jelqed.

Doing stuff to your dick throughout the day does seem to work well. I also stretch a lot more than I used to. Everytime I hit the bathroom, I always take an extra couple of minutes to stretch out…ya know…just tryin’ to keep things movin’ along in a smooth, consistent manner. Like pounding a piece of white-hot metal with a hammer…you can’t let it cool off… you gotta keep pounding it out, shaping it, while it’s hot!

My flaccid appearance of size has been really satisfying lately. It tells me to keep at it, and eventually my gains will “spill over” into my erect measurements.

I recently shaved my pubes because I let myself go way too long without doing it. And hey, it’s not like I’ve got anyone to impress right now. I felt like a fat guy losing weight and seeing my feet for the first time in years. Just gotta keep “parlaying” that shit into further and further progress.

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