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Erect Bending, My story

Erect Bending, My story

Hi all

Been lurking for a few mos and picked up tons of great info, thks very much to all that contribute.

I have read almost nothing on erect bending however and wondered if anyone else does it
Heres my story and would appreciate comments.

It’s a little long and rambles a little so bear with me, I guess it’s a little catharsis for me, a way to share and write a few things down as well.

After just a couple years of marriage my wife pretty much quit the bedroom so to speak, I.e. Basically she wouldn’t touch me.. As a then young guy (26yrs) I started literally “lying” on my frustration,
At night I would get a hard on with her next to me, blonde hot etc, I couldn’t jerk of or she would freak out so it did one of a couple things.
I would roll onto my stomach and lie on it, I.e. Pointing straight downward, that was with a full hard on.
When it started to go down a little I would bend it and put the underneath of the head under my thigh if you can imagine that, by pressing my knees together I could vary the pressure, the pressure on the dick is enormous.

I literally did this every night for years, often falling asleep that way and waking up even an hour later to a still hard dick, I got into the habit and now very happily divorced at 44 I still do it because I enjoy it, if I am alone on the couch watching tv or on the web and get a hard on (often) I’ll alternate between putting it under my thigh, a little while on each side or just point it down and but the heel of my foot on it, I do this most eves and just watch tv
When I go to bed now (when I am alone :) it don’t often do it as I can finish myself off so to speak

Does it hurt ? Hell YES !, but for me anyway it’s a really sweet pain, I guess I have come to associate the pain with sex and vice versa, really I have to say I love the feeling.
Since I have been divorced I have been with a tremendous number of women and know this practice is not normal as they all are amazed that I like this,
It normally starts out with a little bedroom acrobats, (btw you can get insane penetration if you are this flexible.) and they ask how I can do that ?, or doesn’t it hurt ?, then I’ll typically confess and tell them I like the pain, they are always pretty intrigued and I encourage them to push it down, they can’t believe the pressure they can apply, anyway it turns into a game and generally a lot of playful fun

Well anyway I look down at my member these days and it looks pretty big bpl 8.25” and girth a little over 6” (if any of you have tivo it’s longer than the remote lol )
I was married when I was 24 and divorced at 42 I fooled around for maybe 3 years before I was divorced, I’m not at all proud of that but my wife hadn’t touched me for many years and I had been faithul for almost 15yrs so although unpleasant I have a clear conscience,
I was always respectful to my wife and screwed hookers mostly overseas and only a very few here
Lets say hundred of girls.. Pretty much 100% would freak out at the size of my member some girls even refusing penetrations and just begging for oral only, (which I always agreed to ) I have to say I presumed they did that with everyone or because a lot we’re Asian, it was part of their performance to make a man feel good, I head absolutely NO CLUE that my pecker was bigger than average

Anyway 2 1/2 years ago after the divorce I was basically shot out of a cannon as you might imagine and started dating regular girls, at first I was a complete train wreck, had no idea and was terrified of even walking into a bar, after 6 mos of ‘training’ from one of my accomplished buddies I became pretty good at picking up girls, I am a very lean bodybuilder and that certainly doesn’t hurt, so I have dated a lot of regular girls now my 60 or more
Anyway the regular girls freak out even more ! So I eventually found this forum to get some info, which brings us current to my story

Before marriage I had been with only 3 women and none of them said anything, and frankly I don’t remember it being that big then may even 1” shorter but who knows it could have been more. Or perhaps the girls we’re inexperienced too

So.. After that long story, does erect bending add size ? Improve penis health, if so is it length or girth ? What do you guys, especially the pros think ?

My understanding is that erect bends primarily help with girth. But I have no personal experience on this front as I’ve had very few girth gains and I’ve only experimented with bends a few times.

I hope no one who reads this will try it out because bending down with the base as pivotpoint while being erect with or without extra pressure from your bodyweight can be really dangerous. By bending it down like that you put tremendous pressure on your tunica and you stretch your suspensory ligament. Stretching your ligaments can enlarge your dick but you will lower your erection angle because of pressure on your tunica and there’s a risk of rupturing your tunica.

I assume you gradually increased the pressure you used for bending it down thus avoiding injury. I think it’s very possible you gained an inch from it in length. Did you notice a decrease in erection angle or perhaps a downward curve developing over time?

Hi Piet

Oops hope I’m not guilty of giving out dangerous advice, sorry if that is the case.

Over the years I have put as much pressure on as it’ll take to no ill effect, a hell of a lot of pressure, I suppose if it we’re possible to damage it I would have done so by now at my age.

Never thought to much about erections angle probably around 20 degrees from horizontal it seems ok, in the flaccid state it hangs absolutely straight down but seems to come out fairly high up . Flaccid sizei I would say a little more than 6x5 it almost appears to part my balls !

Shape wise it has a nice upward curve and a little to the left as well which is not so good but it’s very mild. I acutally find the left curve can help during sex when getting creative hehe

Anyway I am really glad I found this forum, I had bought an andro extender, what a waste of time and money, the ring wouldn’t even go to the bottom of the shaft and pinched my skin, have now instead starting a jelquing kegal and stretching routine which I love doing.

Have been doing it for 3mos or so and I really love it, it feels heavier in my hand and thicker in the middle I should measure soon.

I have considered weights maybe down the road or an ADS

Any adivce for me at this stage ?

pabs, why are you doing PE if you got 8,25BPEL and over 6EG :D ?

You don’t want to get laid with normal girls anymore?


I have also slept on my erect dick for years, maybe my whole life. It was not for the same reasons as yours but I never liked sleeping right on my hard on so I would bend it down straight between my legs to fall asleep.
I didnt even think of it as an “erect bend” until I read your post.

I dont believe it has lowered my lot or affected the quality of my erections, its just something I have done forever.

One of the best sexual positions that the Mrs and I have is when she bends my dick back while sitting on my reverse cowgirl style and running my hard dick between her ass and slit.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

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I do something similar when in bed with an erection, I sleep laying on one side, so I pull my erection between my thighs, and then close my thighs. The weight of my thighs holds the erection in place, and the bend keeps the blood inside the penis. I usually only do this in the morning hours, as this is when I get my erections, (and the wife is asleep so there no use for an erection) so I am not concerned with circulation. Also, the bend is not so severe as to completely restrict blood flow, just enough to keep a really good bumped erection.

IW8 4/2003 5.5 BPEL 4.5 EG 218 lbs 4/2004 6.875 BPEL 5.0 EG 198 lbs

Next stop 7.0 BPEL !

Well I’m glad to see I’m not alone ! Although I may be a bit more extreme

I also do some erect bends that I just plain enjoy, gripping midshaft and bending it in all four directions, then I grip lower and upper shaft too although the latter is pretty difficult
I get about a 30degree bend off straight, I think it helps

Dobbelbock, thks man but you know it’s never enough, everyone one wants more no matter where they are at,
One thing is for sure, this site is for real as are you guys and gains are absolutely possible, so I’ll do this like everything else, as an obsession !

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