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Been stretching frenulum for past week

Been stretching frenulum for past week

I have a very short frenulum but didn’t want surgery so I decided to naturallly elongate it. I am actually quite pleased with the results and notice an immediate change in the way I pull back the foreskin of my erect penis. Anyone who has a short frenulum should do this.

Thanks for the tip, ultraborn. It’s incredible how quickly some structures can be stretched.

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Hi, Ultraborn
Just an advice: if you have a “frenulum breve” you don’t need a radical frenulotomy or frenectomy (a complete frenulum’s cut), you could get just a frenuloplasty (it can be simply surgically elongated by an urologist in local anaesthesia), so you aren’t going to worry anymore. In my experience it’s a simple conservative operation with no confinement in bed (it’s a so-called day-hospital), lasting not too many minutes, with a complete healing in about 2 weeks, the scar is almost invisible, and, last but not least important, you don’t have almost any long term desensitization.

P.S. FYI I’m not a medical doctor :P

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I’d kill to have the rest of my frenulum back. Not that I had special surgery or anything, just another cut US guy.

Anything you can do without surgery is the best option.


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