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Stretching Everyday

Stretching Everyday

How many of you stretch everyday? And are the results better with stretching everyday. Right now I’m only on my 5’th week and I’ve been doing the 2 on 1 off thing with stretching, jelking and kegals. I spend about 20-30 minutes stretching in different directions on my training days. I’m wondering if stretching everyday helps cement gains a little faster, or speed up gains for that matter.

P.S. Sorry for the poor writing my heads not working today

I stretch everyday when concentrating on length. When I rest length, I consider it losing progress. With length, you want to continually stretch the tissues, and stay a bit sore/fatigued. With girth work, you may need the occasional day off to recover. I definitely recommend working length every day.

I stretch everyday since I want to gain length.

My each stretching session lasted the most 10mins, but a few times throughout a day.

But no much gain so far :(

I stretch every 5/6 days. 1 off day is good. On my off day I do ballooning.

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