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As I hang.

As I hang.

Greetings lads,
As I type this message, I am hanging with ten lbs. On my newly assembled Captain’s Wench. I must say that I am 100% comfortable. I feel like I could hang all the live-long day in this thing. If anybody is wondering, I got all of my materials at Walmart, with the exception of the “Cable Clamp,” which I had to get at The Home Depot. The clamp now goes by the name “The Cable Cuff” FYI. The Velcro was $5.00, grippers $2.75, nylon strap $1.50, and the clamps were $.86 (I got a couple back-ups).
I just started hanging last Friday with a bootleg Captain’s Wench that I fabricated out of some foam-pipe insulation, a few Velcro zip-ties, and a steel cord that I made into a noose. I know, I know, the noose was a bad idea, but surprisingly it wasn’t that uncomfortable. Plus, I didn’t cut off the blood flow e.g. Get a cold blue dick head. The point is, it was only temporary until I got all the right materials for the real CW. This new one awesome. I don’t know how the Bib feels, but the CW feels right. I don’t want to speak too soon, but has anybody else gotten addicted to hanging?? I don’t have an addictive personality, but this just feels so damn good. Anyways, I just wanted to fill everyone in, as this is my first post, and first thread. I also wanted to thank Thunder for opening up some more spots for registration. Happy hangin’ guys.

Rick James

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I’d love to do more hanging, but every time I attach a wench, the door bell goes! :D

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Lol, I hear ya brother. I fear the same thing will happen to me at some point. I may just have to hang in my company’s presence.

Yeah I am way addicted to hanging. Been doing it for about 1.5 years.

Hi everyone, just joined the club. While just scratching 3 months into PE, I have not seen any noticeable gains, yet am inclined to begin hanging.

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