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Never going to hang

Never going to hang

To hang or not to hang..

Although very early in my PE career, I have decided not to go down the hanging path. I just cannot rationalise in my mind how any person can be sane enough to do this.
Every picture I have ever seen with a guy with his dick stretched that much - due to fucking dumbell plates hanging off his knob, has totally turned me off my supper!

I’m not knocking or judging anyone who does hang; You guys made a decision to hang, just like I am making a decision not to.
It just seems quiet extreme to me, to put it lightly.

Now there is a point to this thread; I am a touch under 6”NBPEL, and would ultimately like to be somewhere around 7.5-8”. I would probably be happy with anything over 7” though. So assuming I stay positive and consistent, these goals are easily obtainable through not using weights, I hope.

Also I would like to ask a question about state of mind. Is there a difference between
Man A: Wants to PE, not overly-concerned about length (although the extra length would be good) but more about overall penis health, and

Man B: Who starts PE because they are quiet upset as they believe they have a below average cock.

I would argue Man A has more chance of success coming in to PE with possibly lesser expectations - hence greater confidence etc when they do discover the shit is actually working.
Any thoughts?

It all seems extreme now man.. before you know it you’re spending hours a day with dumbbell plates hanging and cable clamps strangling your rod :D

It’s hard to say, Man B would refuse going to the nightclub on Saturday night to hang weights off his penis. :)

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Good point Mr. Nine. But would he have so much time and ambition that he would get carried away with the exercises and overdo it?

Yes, it is highly likely, I would guess.

Get a penis stretcher instead. I believe the effect is the same but allows limited mobility.

d_sut: Although it’s an understandable position, think about it this way- i wonder how many “pounds” of pressure are on your dick when you do a straight out from your body pull/stretch? i.e. what’s the difference? You can pull your dick out from your body with 12 pounds of force or you can dangle it off as in hanging. I suppose the main difference is in *duration*. what i’m interested in is whether or not hanging desensitizes, or gives a feeling that the dick is kind of “detached”, or whether it effects angle of errection. those would be some considerations for me as to whether or not to start. if doing it intelligently and in moderation isn’t known to produce any such effects, I’m completely into doing *anything* that yields a bigger, non-surgical, real deal wang.

Never say never.

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