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Need help from the older guys.

Nothing taken personally :) By the way how old are you? I used to like to cum 4 times a week, but that was getting to often for me when I reached 40 - I would sometimes feel a little (a very little) depressed or drained after cuming unless the orgasm was a mind blower.


If you do a search on Zaneblue’s posts, she gives the correct dosage for men. Body weight has to be taken into account. But IIRC it’s between 1-2000 mg per day of the expensive stuff. She also says, (and I agree) that taking too little has almost no effect. I must also point out that she took way too much (according to her own rules). She quite readily admits that she pretty revved up day long. I don’t know what she’s doing now - I have not communicated with her for about a year.

Zane also recommends dark chocolate. We are talking at least 75% cocoa. I like to get the 85%. It give me a hit like drinking a strong cup of coffee :)

As for your cuming only once per week, at your age that must be pretty harsh :D I have no idea if it’s good for you. But I bet it’s fun. Do you have a g/f? If so what does she think to your not cuming every time?

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Starting to feel better

Wow, I think I have found the way forward for me. The L-Tyrosine is makes me feel all revved up and enthusiastic about life within about 30-45 minutes of taking it. I am starting to fantasize again, and sex is getting more electric again. At one point it was like the opposite of the Wizard of Oz - it was like a move that started in technicolour and turned to monochrome half way through :(

So I am taking per day:

Fish-oil 3g
L-Theanine 450 mg
L-Tyrosine approx 2 or 3g ??? (not sure because it is powder and I need to buy scales). The packet says do not exceed 2 servings in one day. Other sources say you must not take over 12g per day! I imagine that would make you into a raving sex fiend with heart palpitations.

I don’t expect the fish oil to have kicked in much yet.
I am hoping to be able to drop the L-Theanine as it is hellishly expensive.

I did my maths homework last night and was amazed how easy it seemed.

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Originally Posted by marky777
Today I bought some supplements. L-Theanine and also DL-Phenylalanine. I started on the L-Theanine today, but I am probably going to put that to one side and try the DL-Phenylalanine tomorrow. Both of theses supplements are basically pre-cursors for dopamine. I will let you know what happens.

Today I ordered a protein supplement containing all these things. I’m in South Africa for a ten week spell, continue to do weights at the gym, but thought I could go without a protein shake for the duration. It didn’t work and I’m not recovering properly after each workout. The brew is coming Monday and I’ll tell you how it goes from a sex health perspective. It contains:

Typical Amino Acid Profile Per 100 g

L-Alanine 4 845 mg
L-Arginine 1 995 mg
L-Aspartic Acid 9 690 mg
L-Cystine 2 280 mg
L-Glutamine/Glutamic Acid 16 055 mg
L-Glycine 1 425 mg
L-Histadine 1 520 mg
L-Isoleucine 5 890 mg
L-Leucine 10 355 mg
L-Methionine 2 185 mg
L-Phenylalanine 2 755 mg
L-Proline 5 320 mg
L-Serine 4 180 mg
L-Threonine 6 555 mg
L-Tryptophan† 1 615 mg
L-Tyrosine 2 755 mg
L-Valine 5 320 mg

I’ll take 45 g with each workout along with:

L-Arginine 5 g morning and night (yes, I realise I’ll be doubling up)

Creatine 20 g per day for three and a half days, then three and a half days off.

I’m also taking Fish Oil and Glucosamine — I’m an old fart.

Rick - That’s a heavy duty shake!

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Thanks for the info marky. My girlfriend is Serbian actually, and we have only ever spent 2 weeks together!!! We met back in July when I had an athletics competition over there. After a lot of talking on Facebook she invited me over to stay with her 2 two weeks(and some two weeks they were:D ) and so we hit it off from there. She’s coming to Ireland for Christmas.

Funnily enough the first time I told her that I was going to come she was pretty pissed off. She even grabbed my cock and started giving me the fastest hand job ever just because she wanted her “gift” that she deserved :D . I somehow resisted and stop her(it was a bit of a struggle hehe). After this she went in a big huff. I just explained to her that it’s good for me and she was a bit better about it.

She specifically asked that I cum for her whenever she wants when she is over here with me, so I guess my usual routine is out the window for those two weeks(I’m not complaining:) ).

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Originally Posted by marky777
Rick - That’s a heavy duty shake!

Ok Marky, I accept that. My problem is that I don’t know what’s in my protein supplement I take back home (Australia) to compare. What do you recommend?

Originally Posted by RickM
Ok Marky, I accept that. My problem is that I don’t know what’s in my protein supplement I take back home (Australia) to compare. What do you recommend?

I’m a novice!
Also, I’m aiming for a different result to you.

I am aiming to sharpen my mind to assist in my university course AND to get my libido back to normal. My wife’s sex drive has recently gone through the roof, and I don’t want to be left behind :D

The regime seems to be working. I was late for a lecture yesterday due to jerking like a nutter in the afternoon (wife was out). I just about managed to resist cuming.

I have discvered that taking the supps mentioned in the right order gives me a bit of a dopamine rush. I’m not quite sure what the order is, because I keep mixing things up, but I am going to pin it down and write about it here. But I think it has to do with taking a time release multi-vitamin B tablet in the morning, and then taking the amino acids an hour and a half later. Vitamin B is needed for the conversion of amino acids into dopamine. If you don’t take vitamin B (either as a supp or by eating plenty of the right foods), the production of extra dopamine will either not occur, or it will occur, but will rob your body of vitamin B.

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I forgot to mention the vitamin B in my “stack”. As explained above, it is needed to make dopamine form some of the amino acids. Here is what I’m taking again.

So I am taking per day:

First thing in the morning:
Fish-oil 3g
Multi-vitamin B time release tablet (not super strong, but stong enough to turn your piss yellow)
Followed by breakfast.

Then nothing for 1 hour.

L-Theanine 450 mg (3 doses of 150mg)
L-Tyrosine approx 2 or 3g (split into 1/2 morning/evening) ??? (not sure because it is powder and I need to buy scales). The packet says do not exceed 2 servings in one day. Other sources say you must not take over 12g per day! I imagine that would make you into a raving sex fiend with heart palpitations.

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I agree with Pringles Can. I’m 47 and the exact thing happens to me.

Originally Posted by Bowflex

I agree with Pringles Can. I’m 47 and the exact thing happens to me.

I did not notice a Pringles Can post? Has he changed his name, or are you referring to another thread?

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OK, I found Pringle’s post!

I ain’t beat yet. The amino acids are helping. I will report again soon.

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Just wondering Marky, did you see my post at RickM - Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Sites and starting “By my mid 50s, my age-related problems had reached a point … .” The listing of symptoms of testosterone deficiency do not all have to show up. For example, you might only show three or four of the symptoms and ED is not one of them – we’re all different. For me, I showed most of those listed to some extent. As for ED, I could get it up OK, but had trouble keeping it there. Very little distraction caused me to lose it.

My biggest problem was that, through edging (but I didn’t know that is what that was), I’d learned to stave off ejaculation for 30 to 90 minutes while wanking, being up on cloud 9 for most of the time. However, in time I couldn’t blow more quickly – it became ingrained – and my wife didn’t want to hang out for more than 10 minutes. I felt she just wanted to get it over with; felt pressure to get there fast and couldn’t. Like has been said in so many posts, I know it was all in my head.

But that’s a side issue. My point is here that, from my experience, if you don’t tackle the prime issue (testosterone deficiency – assuming that is the problem) all you’re doing is applying bandaids. These might help for a season.

Also, if you have a blood test to check your testosterone levels, please make sure you check both total testosterone and free testosterone. Most doctors will only check for the former if they don’t understand HRT in men. However it’s the latter that is MOST important — it is a measure of what’s available for doing the real work in your body. The rest is bound up and does SFA.

If your problem is drive and concentration and don’t want to go down the path of full-blown HRT, there’s nothing like a good workout at the gym, say, three or four days per week to get the dopamine going. Deadlifts are especially good for these. Supplements might help, but not to the extent of a good workout – nowhere near.

That’s my experience anyway, for what it’s worth. So, I’m on HRT, taking all sorts of supplements and working out at the gym. I know I’ll have to succumb to the inevitable sometime. But right now things are good, except that sex is on my own.


Thanks for posting. I just read your linked post as well :)

My T levels may well have dropped, but the principle problem for me seems to be the stress of a kick-ass university course. Since I started on the supps. mentioned in this thread my libido has been getting back to normal. I am beginning to for a theory that hard studying actually “uses up” dopamine, to the point where none is left for sex. It turns out that dopamine is one of the main neurotransmitters. Learning is simply not possible without it. In people with Parkinson’s, nothing is possible.

One good sign for me is that most of the time my night wood and morning wood have been excellent. The main thing that sends the hardness and frequency of my nocturnal wood up and down is if I over-do PE. But by over-do, I simply mean having a good workout. And then I wait a few days and it’s back to normal.

I know a little about HRT, and I am keen to keep away from it unless I am on my last legs. Sure, T is a magic bullet. But at what cost? My method would be to find out what foods or supps to take to encourage my body to up the T production. And there is always the rowing machine in the gym.

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If your testicles are failing, no “magic foods” or “magic supps” are going to help.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is not the same as “steroid abuse” so you need to put away any assumptions you may have about steroid abuse when you think about HRT. HRT is to treat men who have testicular failure. If you have testicular failure, that is how you treat it.

“at what cost” — There has been lots of medical research on it, it has been around for many many years.

If you don’t have testicular failure, then you don’t need HRT. Only your doctor can know for sure if you have testicular failure.


You could be right on the dopamine.

However next doctor visit get your hormone levels done. If nothing else it is useful to have a baseline reading in case you run into trouble in the future.

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